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Tuesday 5th May 2015
Jackie Linden - ThePigSite Senior Editor

Jackie Linden
Senior Editor





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MSD Animal Health

Making Pig Production More Sustainable

Algae have potential as a new sustainable feed source, if the positive signs from work in Australia turn out to be practical.

Researchers at Murdoch University in Perth have been treating effluent from piggeries with algae, resulting in reduced waste and a potential feed source.

Three different types of microalgae that can grow on untreated piggery anaerobic digestate effluent have been discovered so far.

The proposals would cut costs, recover energy from waste and reduce the potential for groundwater contamination at piggeries.

Anaerobic digestion in lagoons or ponds on farms is currently the most common method used to process piggery waste. The discovery is a world first and offers a potentially cost effective means of remediating piggery effluent.

The microalgae remove ammonia, other nutrients and potentially reduce the pathogen load in the effluent, meaning that the treated waste water can be reused. And the algal biomass produced is potentially a protein-rich feed source for pigs and other animals.

The research team leader commented: "Pig slurry could well be viewed by the industry as a resource rather than a waste management issue."

Distillers dried grains with solubles made from wheat (wDDGS) offer potential to reduce reliance on imported feed ingredients without compromising the performance or health of UK pigs and poultry, according to the results of a four-year project presented recently.

An important co-product from the bioethanol industry, wDDGS could make a significant impact in improving the sustainability of these sectors by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on trials carried out during a four-year project, up to 30 per cent wDDGS can be included in grower and finisher diets for pigs, without compromising performance or meat quality.

A group of international organisations has released new guidelines for global feed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which address the impact of livestock feeds on the environment.

Work on the new guidelines was led by the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with the feed industry, with the aim to help reduce the impact of livestock products on the environment.

Cutting all inefficiencies can also contribute to sustainability, and ensuring correct feeder adjustment can help minimise feed waste while maintaining the productivity of the herd, according to new research from the Prairie Swine Centre in Canada.

The number of pig farm samples that are confirmed positive for porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus in the United States in the most recent weekly report was 16. The relatively dry spring is thought to be helping to minimise the risk of spreading the PED virus.

There have been new outbreaks of African swine fever in wild boar in Estonia and Poland.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Effects of Water Availability and Space Allowance on Productivity and Profitability
Increasing the number of pigs per pen, and consequently reducing available floor space, reduced daily gain and feed intake in grower-finisher pigs in this experiment in the Prairie Swine Centre Annual Report 2013-14 reported by J. Landero, A.D. Beaulieu and M. Young.

Challenges of Designing a Diet Using Local Feedstuffs for Ugandan Subsistence Farmers
An overview of a project to develop practical diets for pigs in Uganda based on local feed ingredients was given by Natalie Carter of the University of Guelph to the Centralia Swine Research Update 2015.

Effect of Sal CURB on Digestibility of Energy, Amino Acids, Calcium and Phosphorus in Growing Pigs
The inclusion of a formaldehyde-based feed disinfectant did not diminish the nutritional value of the diets in this study at the Hans H. Stein Monogastric Nutrition Laboratory at the University of Illinois-Urbana.

Perceptions of Antimicrobial Usage, Antimicrobial Resistance and Measures to Reduce Antimicrobial Usage by European Pig Farmers
In a survey in five European countries, many pig farmers expressed the view that they use less antibiotics than other farmers in the same country and those in other counties. In general, they were less concerned about the development of antimicrobial resistance than possible legal measures and/or financial penalties to reduce antibiotic use.

Course of Rectal and Vaginal Temperature in Early Postpartum Sows
Body temperature should not be used as the single criterion for the decision to administer medical treatment, according to researchers based in Berlin, Germany.

Effects of Drought-affected Corn and Non-starch Polysaccharide Enzyme Inclusion on Nursery Pig Growth Performance
An experiment at Kansas State University suggests that drought stress does not alter the non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) concentration of maize (corn). The use of NSP feed enzymes did not greatly affect the performance of weaned pigs although there was a numerical improvement in feed conversion with one of the products tested.

Company News

New Swine and Poultry Product Manager for Ceva
UK - Fiona Wright has been appointed Poultry and Swine Product Manager for Ceva Animal Health, to support the company’s rapidly growing Large Animal Business in the UK.
Diagnostics at Work: Tissue Sampling
US - Tissue samples can be tested for the presence of a range of pathogens, according to Life Technologies.
Zoetis Accepting Nominations for Pig Caregivers Award
US - Do you know a pig caregiver who goes above and beyond to consistently provide superior pig care? Nominate him or her for the Honoring Caregivers award from Zoetis.
Harrisvaccines CEO Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year Award
US - EY has announced that Founder and CEO, Hank Harris, of Harrisvaccines is a finalist for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Award in the Upper Midwest.
ACMC in Administration
UK - Agricultural Contract and Marketing Company Ltd (ACMC) has been placed into administration.
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