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ThePigSite Newsletter - 07 March 2016

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Monday 7th March 2016.
Lucy Towers - ThePigSite Editor

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South Africa Now Accepting US Pork

South Africa is now importing pork from the US after the Obama administration threatened to suspend the country's trade benefits under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

US pork was originally banned by South Africa due to the threat of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS). However, the US argued that there is no documented scientific case of PRRS being transmitted to domestic livestock through imported pork.

Following the opening by South Africa, the US can now ship a variety of raw, frozen pork, including bellies, hams, loins, ribs and shoulders, for unrestricted sale and other pork for further processing.

“The National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is pleased that South Africa has followed through with a commitment to open its market to US pork. Now, we can sell safe, high-quality and affordable US pork to more than 50 million new consumers,” said NPPC President Dr Ron Prestage.

In other news, new research by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, US, is looking at the environmental aspects of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) virus spread.

The group of researchers investigated whether composting could eliminate the infectious virus and found it to be effective.

“We’re confident that composting is an effective method to dispose of on-farm mortalities and help limit the spread of PEDV when the piles are constructed and managed properly to achieve internal pile temperatures of 120 to 130°F,” said Amy Millmier Schmidt, assistant professor and livestock bioenvironmental engineer in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.

The researchers also looked at adding lime to manure containing the PED virus to determine if a significant pH change in the manure would eliminate the infectious virus.

Results revealed that treating manure with lime to raise the manure pH to 10 for at least one hour will eliminate infectious virus in the manure.


IPVS & ESPHM 2016 - Early-Bird Registration closes

Book of the Week

Managing Pig Health and the Treatment of Disease

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Monitoring Pig Respiratory Disease on Your Farm
This guide brings insight into slaughter house lung checks in pigs through the Ceva Lung Program.

Are My Pigs Eating?
Typically 40 to 50% of piglets do not consume creep feed in the farrowing room and about 20% do not consume phase 1 diet within 48 hours post-weaning.

Company News

Canada Hog Market
CANADA - Last commentary I started a fool’s errand (which I’ve done before) of commenting on the future. I suggested for Canada that we might be heading back to the future, writes Bob Fraser, Sales & Service, Genesus Ontario.
AB Vista to Reveal New Research into Mineral Utilisation in Piglet diets at Pig Focus Asia
THAILAND - New research into optimising piglet performance and trace mineral nutrition will be presented by AB Vista at this year’s Pig Focus Asia conference in Bangkok, March 21-23.
Comprehensive Technical Manual for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MH) Management Now Available From Zoetis
US - In collaboration with a team of seven Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (MH) experts, Zoetis is providing veterinarians with proven strategies and protocols for managing this costly disease through a new resource — the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae Technical Manual.
Diagnosing Swine Diseases Requires Diagnostics
ANALYSIS - Many swine diseases, including Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), can "look" the same, making it difficult to diagnose, so veterinarians regularly rely on diagnostics to help identify the specific disease that their producer is dealing with the on farm.
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Supports Independent PCV2 Research
GERMANY - For the ninth time, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health has funded independent European research projects related to Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) infection and associated diseases. Over the past nine years, 26 research projects have been awarded with € 25,000 each accumulating to € 650,000 in total.
Pork Commentary: China Pork Imports Up 37%
CHINA - For the last few months, we have discussed the huge decline in the Chinese swine breeding herd of over 11 million sows. This led to the hog price in China to increase to $1.25 USD liveweight per pound or an increase of $150 per head in China for a market hog. We predicted a large increase in pork imports to China. The latest China customs statistics bring out this analysis.

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

Increased Biofuel Production Could Lead to Global Food Deficit, Study Shows
Lower Pork Exports Expected to Pressure Live Hog Prices
New Research Aimed at Improving PEDv Control
CME: Expansion of Hog Breeding Herd Expected
CME: Poor Restaurant Performance a Concern for US Meat Industry
High-Protein Canola Meal Beneficial for Growing Pigs
CME: Hog Slaughter Down Last Week

   United Kingdom

Increases for Northern Ireland Pig Herd in 2015
New Inspection Reporting to Improve Livestock Health
Pig Meetings to Tackle Input Costs
Would British Farmers be Better Supported Outside the EU?
New EFRA Report Shows UK Farmers at Risk
Consumers Don't Feel a Need to Cut Back on Red Meat


Spanish Pork Exports See Strong Growth


Canadian Pork Industry Supportive of National Levy on Pork
Biggest Fastest Growing Gilts Tend Toward Highest Productivity
More Disinfectants Capable of Killing PEDv Needed
High Welfare Pig Producers Should Be Held as Examples
Regulatory Changes to Improve Antibiotic Use in Livestock Farming
Palatability and Digestibility Key to Starting Piglets on Solid Feed

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: Germany Makes the Market Shake – Quotations Are Going Down
Farmers Need Contingency Plan for Brexit
EU Won't Compromise on Antibiotics and Hormones in US Trade Talks
Tönnies Acquisition of Tican Approved by EC
EU Scientists Develop New Ways to Prevent Foodborne Illness


Global Food Prices Steady in February
Global Coalition Set to Transform the Future of Protein Production

   South Africa

South Africa Now Importing US Pork


Millers Must Drop Compound Ration Prices, says IFA


New Virus Transmission Route Discovered in Pigs


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Operations Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC
5m Farm Supplies
Antimicrobial Resistance
Technical Services Manager - Wean to Finish - PIC
Invoicing Specialist - PIC
Technical Services Specialist - PIC
Biomin - Mycotoxin Testing and Survey Results
British Pig and Poultry Fair - 10-11 May 2016 NAEC Stoneleigh


Excenel RTU EZ
Hog Slat - Grower Select
Biomin - Naturally Ahead
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Boehringer Ingelheim - Prevention Works
Novus International
MSD Animal Health - It's a New Day for Animal Health
PIC - Never Stop Improving


Nutriad - We Know Pigs
Genesus - The first power in genetics
Hypor - The world's local breeder
AB Vista Feed Ingredients - integrated supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds
ECO Animal Health
More on VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
Life Technologies


Osborne Industries
Axcentive - Halamid The Universal Disinfectant
PPT-Pig Production Training Ltd
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