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ThePigSite Newsletter - 11 July 2016

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Monday 11th July 2016.
Alice Mitchell - Editor

Alice Mitchell


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Global Pig Meat Production Set to Decline

Overall world meat production is predicted to stagnate at about 321 million tonnes in 2016, while pigmeat output could decline, according to the June 2016 FAO Food Outlook.

World production of pigmeat in 2016 is forecast to decrease marginally, by 0.7 per cent to 116.4 million tonnes.

As in 2015, lower output in China, which accounts for almost half the world total, is the main reason for the slowdown.

An unfavourable feed-pork price ratio in the country and new environmental regulations have caused farmers to reduce breeding sows, stalling growth. China’s production is projected to be 54 million tonnes, down 2.5 per cent from the previous year - click here to read more.

Another recent report, the 'OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2016-2025', projects that inflation-adjusted agricultural commodity prices will remain relatively flat overall in the coming decade. However, livestock prices are expected to rise relative to those for crops.

Food consumer prices are expected to be less volatile than agricultural producer prices over the coming decade.

As incomes improve, especially in emerging economies, demand for meat, fish and poultry will demonstrate strong growth, creating additional demand and price rises for feed grains.

"Significant production growth is needed to meet the expanding demand for food, feed and raw products for industrial uses, and all of these have to be done in a sustainable way," said FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva.

"We are optimistic that most of that future demand for agricultural commodities will be mainly met through productivity gains rather than expansion of crop area or livestock herds," he added - read more.

In disease news, ThePigSite this week reported on outbreaks of African Swine Fever in Ukraine, and in wild boar in Poland and Lithuania.

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Book of the Week

Higgledy Piggledy - The Ultimate Guide to Pig Miscellany

Higgledy Piggledy - The Ultimate Guide to Pig Miscellany

The author explores the influence of the pig's characteristics and his quirky nature on our language, literature and general outlook on life. Higgledy Piggledy offers us a marvelous selection of sayings and proverbs concerning all things porcine.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Phytase Superdosing Unlocks Zinc Potential to Improve Swine Performance
Young pigs raised under commercial conditions typically don’t eat enough to grow to their full potential during the first few weeks post- weaning for a variety of reasons including immunological challenges and environmental stress. This often leads to significant issues around mortality and welfare.

Effect of Dual Technology Prime Boost Vaccination in Sows on Circulation of PRRSV in Post-Weaning Piglets
PRRS is one of the most significant pig diseases in the modern swine industry. Current vaccination strategies are based on the use of Modified Live Vaccines (MLV) and/or Inactivated Vaccines. Nevertheless, in many farms PRRSV circulation in weaned piglets remains a clinical problem, write J. Spaans, A. Verhaegen, V. Dekens, H. Smits, T. Meyns and F. Joisel, Merial.

Company News

PIC China and Shennong Strengthen their Long-Term Partnership
CHINA - PIC China signed a multi-year partnership agreement with Yunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group providing 50,000 sows for a new production pyramid.
Hog Slat's New Medicator Offers Practical On-Farm Solutions
US - Rated for use up to 11 GPM, the Hog Slat medicator can handle all your medicating, cleaning and vaccination needs. The fixed ratio 1:128 pump features reinforced valve support, a long lasting three-part spring design, easy-to-mount bracket and proven top and bottom seals.
USA Pork Market
US - With the turmoil revolving around Brexit, it is hard to stay focused on a market plan. This downturn in markets will be overdone then bounce back and the world will continue to move forward, writes Allan Bentley, Genesus US Sales.
How Trees Can Boost Pig Farms’ Sustainability
UK - It may not be an obvious solution, but by driving productivity and helping the environment, planting trees can play a key role in boosting the sustainability of pig businesses.
Pork Commentary: USDA Projects Massive Corn and Soybean Production
US - The USDA sent a shock wave into what was an already reeling grain market with their USDA quarterly stocks report, writes Jim Long President – CEO Genesus Inc.
Market Reports

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

CME: US Pork Exports Up Compared with 2015
Make Profit a Permanent Feature of Your Pig Farm by Using Automatic Pig Scales
CME: Hog Market Deflates... Again


China a Key Market as Brazilian Pork Exports Rise Further


New Pain Mitigation Product for Swine Now in the Pipeline
Regulation Changes to Aid Wild Boar Management
Canadian Farmers More Stressed, Study Shows
Quality Based Pork Grading System Offers Potential to Improve Canada's Global Competitiveness
Combination of Factors Expected to Influence Speed of Hog Production Expansion


Global Food Prices Expected to Remain Flat in Coming Decade
Global Pig Meat Production Set to Decline
First Good Pig Awards Presented to Italian Producers
Weekly Overview: How Will Brexit Affect the US Pork Market?


More ASF Reported in Ukrainian Pigs


Italian Pork Imports Decreasing

   European Union

Meat Storage, Transport Temperatures Can be More Flexible
EU Compound Feed Production Up in 2015
More ASF Discovered in Wild Boar
Short Term Impacts of Brexit Result for UK Pork Sector

   United Kingdom

Still Time to Apply for a Nuffield Scholarship
Farming Sector Needs to Encourage More Women into the Industry


German Pig Herd Continuing to Decline


Polish Pork Imports, Exports on the Rise


Positive Price Moves by Irish Pig Processors


Housefly Larvae: An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Soy in Animal Feed?
Screening for Colistin Resistance Will Soon be Advisable


Study Finds Pig Eco-Shelters Drive Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Operations Manager – Based In Russia - Gvardia LLC
Antimicrobial Resistance
Official Vet Conference September 2016

Thermo Fisher - PRRSV Screening Alternatives Webinar
Biomin - Biofix PRO Absolute Protection
Sireline Allocation Specialist - PIC


Drinking Systems
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Circumvent® PCV-M G2

PIC - Never Stop Improving
Boehringer Ingelheim - Prevention Works
Hog Slat - Grower Select
Biomin - Naturally Ahead
Novus International
Voice of Sustainable Pork - Australian Boar Taint Study


AB Vista Feed Ingredients - integrated supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds
Life Technologies
Hypor - The world's local breeder
CID LINES - Innovative Hygiene Solutions
Genesus - The first power in genetics

Nutriad - We Know Pigs


PPT-Pig Production Training Ltd
Osborne Industries - ACCU-TEAM
Axcentive - Halamid The Universal Disinfectant
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