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Monday 24th October 2016.
Lucy Towers - Editor

Lucy Towers






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New Pork Label Shows Level of Animal Welfare

A new Ministry of Environment and Food animal welfare label, which is being launched in Denmark next spring, will allow shoppers to identify the level of welfare the pig received.

The new logo ’Bedre Dyrevelfærd´ (Better Animal Welfare) contains three hearts which are coloured in to indicate further improvements made for the welfare of the pig. 

“I hope that Danes will welcome the new animal-welfare label. The label will give consumers more choice and enable them to support animal welfare where it suits their preference and their purse. No matter whether consumers choose pork with one, two or three hearts, they will be able to see how much more animal welfare they can buy for their money,” said Minister for Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen.

It is hoped that the logo will help encourage animal welfare investments on Danish pig farms.

In other news, a veterinary researcher at Iowa State University, US, has discovered a novel virus in the central nervous tissues of young pigs with polio-like weakness in their hind legs.

The virus was discovered after investigation of samples taken from 11-week-old pigs that could not walk due to a mysterious weakness in their hind legs.

The diagnostic team found microscopic lesions in the pigs’ central nervous tissues containing a novel sapelovirus that researchers had not previously encountered.

Despite the evidence collected, the team is not yet completely sure if the virus is responsible for all the lesions in the spinal tissue or if there is another unknown factor contributing to the neurological symptoms.

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Know Your Farm Machinery

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Preventing Weaning Diarrhoea using Salcochek Pro premix
The period following weaning is characterized by a high incidence of intestinal disturbances with diarrhoea and depression of growth performance in piglets, writes Srijit Tripathi, Veterinarian, India.

Research: Complete Workflow Solution for SIV Testing
GLOBAL - Swine influenza virus (SIV) is a highly contagious viral infection of pigs, resulting in significant economic losses in the swine industry and posing a significant threat to human health through zoonotic transmission. This study indicates that the SIV testing workflow, consisting of nucleic acid purification and USDA-licensed screening and subtyping tests, provides an economical and rapid solution for SIV screening and subtype identification to help control the disease.

Company News

Merck Animal Health to Acquire Brazilian Animal Health Company Vallée
US - Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the United States and Canada) today announced it has executed an agreement to acquire a controlling interest in Vallée S.A., a leading privately-held producer of animal health products in Brazil.
Three Projects Win 2016 European PRRS Research Award
EUROPE - The winners of the 2016 European PRRS Research Award have been announced at this year’s international swine veterinary assembly by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.
Mexico Pork Market
MEXICO - Over the last four weeks, liveweight hog prices in Mexico showed an average of 27.6 MXN pesos/kg (67¢/lb USD), up 14 per cent compared to the same period of time in 2015, writes Fernando Ortiz, Genesus Ibero-American Business Development.
Zoetis Free Personal Wellness Course Reinforces Ongoing Commitment to Veterinarians
GLOBAL - Zoetis has announced the addition of seven new Personal Wellness Modules to VETVANCE, its free, web-based learning resource for the veterinary community. The new 2-3-minute video modules, part of Zoetis’ ongoing Commitment to Veterinarians™ platform, are a response to the growing body of evidence that veterinary professionals worldwide experience mental illness, depression, and suicidal tendencies at a significantly higher rate than the general population.
New EasySlider Offers Individual, Computer-Controlled Feeding in Sow Management
GERMANY - Optimising the feed supply is a central factor for economic success in sow management. A computer-controlled dosing device for farrowing pens that Big Dutchman recently introduced to the market can be a solution: EasySlider ensures that each sow can demand just as much feed as she needs.
Pig Respiratory Disease Treatment Safe Against Antibiotic Resistance Development
GLOBAL - Antibiotic resistance is of growing concern to both human and animal health. With this in mind, Merial has determined the minimum inhibitory concentrations of gamithromycin against swine food-borne pathogens.
Advancements in Feed Analysis by NIR Set to Deliver Greater Benefits to Feed Formulation
GLOBAL - New developments in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) technology are unlocking greater insights for the feed industry, which should mean improved returns for producers.
MagixX: Exhaust Air Treatment Makes Pig Farm Smell Like the Woods
GERMANY - "This barn houses 1,000 pigs – and the exhaust air smells like the woods!" farmer Arno Usselmann from Bersenbrück in Northern Germany says happily about his Big Dutchman exhaust air washer MagixX.
Genesus Announces New Director of Business Development.
CANADA - Genesus has announced the appointment of Helena Echberg as its new Director of Business Development.
GrowerSELECT Reduces Margin Stacking
Margin stacking is a term that may or may not be familiar to you. It refers to the cost or profit margin that each member of the supply chain contributes to bring a product to the end user. Every manufacturer, distributor and dealer adds their own margin and the final cost includes these “stacked margins.”
8 Reasons to Use Broad Spectrum Mycotoxin Protection
GLOBAL - In livestock and aquaculture, feed additives are commonly used to counteract the negative effects of mycotoxins. There are many different kinds of products available on the market, the majority being binders. Some products tackle one specific mycotoxin, while others claim deactivation of several classes of mycotoxins.
Novus CEO Receives Prestigious International Business Award
US - During a special ceremony hosted by the Boeing Institute of International Business in the John Cook School of Business at Saint Louis University, Novus President and Chief Executive Officer, Francois Fraudeau, was recognized for his contributions to advance international trade in the St. Louis region.
Pork Commentary: Observations in Russia and China
RUSSIA and CHINA - The current hog price in Russia is 111 rubles per kilogram or $0.80 USD/lb liveweight. Profits per head should be $60 USD, writes Jim Long President – CEO Genesus Inc.
Big Dutchman Takes Over Distribution, Development of CulinaCupLine
GERMANY - The successful piglet feeding system CulinaCupLine, devised by the feed producer Bröring from Dinklage, Germany, will be distributed and developed by the world market leader for piglet equipment, Big Dutchman, in future.
Global Pig Industry News

     United States

Virus Causing Polio-Like Symptoms Discovered in Pigs
Choline Deficiency During Pregnancy Influences Milk Composition in Sows
Hog Outlook: Largest Hog Slaughter Week Ever
Hog Byproduct Values Show Improvement
No Pig Farm Lagoon Breaches Following Hurricane Matthew
Chinese Pork Imports Surge in 2016
US Hog Prices Register Biggest Spring-Summer Decline in History

     New Zealand

New Zealand Ready to Confront Any FMD Incursion
New Zealanders Asked to Work Together to Tackle Emissions from Farming


US Pork Supply Glut Dampens Global Outlook
Agriculture Key to Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

     European Union

EU Pork Exports Slowing Down
European Sales of Animal Antibiotics Continue to Decline
EU Pig Prices: Supply Outstrips Demand – Quotations under Pressure

     Russian Federation

More Commercial Pig Farms Report ASF

     United Kingdom

NFU Calls for Grocery Adjudicator Role to be Extended
Government Launches Export Plan for UK Agricultural Produce
Chief Veterinary Officer Highlights Official Vet Welfare Role


Romanian Breeders Eye Live Pig Export to Expand by 40 per cent


Traditional Family Farms Secret to Ontario's Success


New Pork Label Shows Level of Animal Welfare


Pig Feed Price Must Drop, says IFA Chairman


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