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ThePigSite Newsletter - 14 November 2016

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Monday 14th November 2016.
Lucy Towers - ThePigSite Editor

Lucy Towers

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How Will Trump's Presidency Affect the Meat Industry?

Following the surprise election of Donald Trump for US presidency, some panic trading was predicted to occur.

In the short term, the Steiner Consulting Group noted that it thinks currency shifts will have the most immediate impact. One thing to notice is the dramatic drop in the value of the peso and what that does to the ability of Mexican importers to source US red meat and poultry products.

Longer term, however, no one really knows how this will play out.

The only thing economists have to go on are statements and positions taken by the president elect Trump during the election.

Promises of heavy tariffs on imports, the erection of a physical barrier with one of the US's largest trading partners, the commitment to do away with NAFTA, no TPP, limits on free trade in order to stimulate domestic jobs and other such commitments may have a significant detrimental impact on the meat industry, said the Group.

In other news, Danish Crown is to set up a processing plant in Shanghai, China, as part of its strategy towards 2021.

Danish Crown plans to invest around DKK 300 million in a processing and retail product plant to process Danish raw material.

Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding convenience products with a high quality and high animal welfare.

"It is therefore evident that we should try to capitalise on this by our own production. Is this a chance we are taking? Yes, it is, but this is one of the chances we should take as a big company and try to see if we can get closer to the market, closer to consumers and further up in the value chain in China – rather than just being a raw material supplier," said CEO Jais Valeur.

Old Pond Publishing

Book of the Week

How to Become a First Generation Farmer

How to Become a First Generation Farmer

This book is written for the First-generation farmer but at the same time will appeal to a much wider audience, including established farmers.The book gives readers the information they need to commit themselves to a farming life even if they lack experience and finance. It encourages would-be farmers to have a go at farming on their own, whether on a hobby farm, part-time farm or a full-time enterprise. It covers a wide range of topics, from renting land and buying a field, through to all the livestock enterprises, arable farming, haymaking, silage making and much more.

A chapter is included on how to obtain planning permission for a mobile home and permanent dwelling in a greenbelt area, along with how to go about building – invaluable for those who need to live on the premises. What makes this book unique is the added humour. If you have read John’s four hilarious school farm books, you will have come to expect his wonderful sense of humour to shine through.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

How Much Lactose is Needed in Post-Weaning Piglet Feeds?
One method to control piglet feed cost is to prevent overfeeding of lactose. To achieve this feed formulation goal, accurate estimates of lactose requirements are needed according to body weight and overall diet composition, writes Ioannis Mavromichalis.

What Brexit Might Mean for the UK Pig Industry and Trade?
In this edition of Horizon, AHDB examines pork industry trade flows between the UK, the EU and its other major global trading partners, as well as looking at how trading relationships might change after the UK leaves the EU. In addition, the report examines the major global trade flows, in order to identify areas of potential market growth for UK exports, as well as areas that may be vulnerable to increased competition in a post-Brexit trading environment.

Accuracies of Prediction in Pig Breeding
The aim of animal breeding is to genetically improve populations. In other words, the next generation should be superior to the current generation, writes Dinesh Thekkoot, PhD University of Alberta and Genesus Inc.

Company News

South East Asia Hog Market
SOUTH EAST ASIA - Genesus exhibited at VIETSTOCK 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last month. The VIETSTOCK 2016 Expo & Forum breaks another record with a registered 10,518 attendees coming from 39 different countries, writes Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia.
Amino Acid Utilisation and Value of Phytase Highlighted as International Phytate Summit Comes to a Close
GLOBAL - The third International Phytate Summit (IPS3) concluded yesterday with industry leaders discussing the anti-nutritional impact that phytate can have on protein digestibility, and the positive influence of phytase on amino acids.
Formulating Minerals Will Focus on Precision Nutrition in Pigs, Poultry and Aquaculture – International Phytate Summit
GLOBAL - New research into how essential minerals such as zinc, copper and calcium interact with other feed ingredients could unlock greater efficiencies in animal nutrition, according to feed industry representatives.
DON and FUM Top Mycotoxin Occurrence in Q3 2016
GLOBAL - Analysis of 4027 feed and raw commodity samples from over 50 countries reveals that deoxynivalenol (DON) and fumonisins (FUM) are the most common mycotoxins found in feedstuffs, according to results of the latest BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey.
PIC Pork Quality Programme: A Quarter of Century of Progress
GLOBAL - PIC’s focus for the past 25 years has been on genetically improving and environmentally optimising factors impacting pork quality. Its goal has been to design, implement, and continuously improve a “Robust Breeding for Pork Quality” program, focusing on meeting the needs of the entire pork supply chain (pork producers and processors, wholesalers, retailers, the food service industry and the global export markets), while ultimately fulfilling the needs of the end-user, the global consumer.
International Summit Highlights the Value Chain of Phytate Destruction and the Role it Plays in Precision Nutrition
GLOBAL - The opening of the 3rd International Phytate Summit (IPS3) yesterday in Florida, USA, saw nutrition experts from around the world discuss the latest research on phytate and its multi-factorial impact on animal production.
Protease Enzymes Make Lower-Cost Sorghum Viable in Animal Feed
Could sorghum be the feed ingredient that helps optimize producers’ bottom-lines?
Driving the Protein Economy: Unprecedented Challenges and Opportunities
GLOBAL - Remarks by David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing, Imperial College London at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada.
Pork Commentary: Mexico Meeting
MEXICO - Last week, we attended the Mexican Pork Association – OPORPA Annual Meeting, held in Riviera Nayarit, writes Jim Long, President-CEO Genesus Inc.
Market Reports

AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 14 November 2016
AHDB Pork Weekly Export Bulletin - 14 November 2016

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

US Barrows and Gilt Cash Prices Decline Steeply
Hog Outlook: Mexican Demand Drove September Pork Exports
US Pork Exports to Mexico Continue Strong Momentum
Study on Senecavirus Offers Insight on Disease Pathogens
Study Finds Earlier Flu Peak for H1N1 in Swine Production Areas
How Will Trump's Presidency Affect the Meat Industry?
September US Meat Exports Above Previous Year
How Will New GIPSA Rules Affect US Farmers?
Processing Plant Problems Resulting from Hurricane Mathew Further Tighten Processing Capacity
US Red Meat Production Up 7.8 per cent


MRSA Detected in Norwegian Pig Herd

   Hong Kong

Chinese Pork Demand Drives Growth in Hong Kong's Imports

   United Kingdom

AHDB Seeking Pig Producer for AHDB Pork Board


Danish Crown to Set Up Processing Plant in China


Swine Transport Trailer Redesign Needed to Improve Biosecurity
Vaccines Offer Potential to Reduce Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms


Low US Pig Price Could Trump EU Competitiveness
Governments Call for Cooperation with Trump Presidency


Japanese Pork Import Growth Slowing


Danish Pig Herd in Decline

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: Steady Quotations – Prices are Moving Sideward


New Method Allows Detection of Toxoplasmosis Causing Parasite in Ham


FAO Joins Forces with Moldovan Authorities Against African Swine Fever


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Antimicrobial Resistance

Thermo Fisher - PRRSV Screening Alternatives Webinar
Biomin - Science & Solutions
Follow me to... Eurotire - 15-18 November 2016 Hanover, Germany
IPPE - Jan 31 - Feb 2 2017 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Technical Services Specialist II - PIC


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Biomin - Naturally Ahead
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PIC - Never Stop Improving
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Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.

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