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ThePigSite Newsletter - 21 November 2016

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Monday 21st November 2016.
Lucy Towers - ThePigSite Editor

Lucy Towers


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Countries Plan to Reduce Farm Antibiotic Use

This past week was World Antibiotic Awareness Week and so countries around the world have been announcing their plans for antibiotic reduction in livestock farming.

The UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) produced a report which called for greater vigilance over the way antibiotics are used on farms and also noted that vaccination and high biosecurity are key to reducing use.

Improving veterinary oversight of antibiotic use is another aim to prevent misuse of the drugs and 
the spread of antimicrobials from animal waste is an important concern that must be addressed.

On the business side, Aviva Investors, the Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics and the FAIRR (Farm Animal Investment Risk & Return) Initiative published a briefing highlighting the risks to global investors from the systematic overuse of antibiotics in livestock farming.

In market news, French company Ceva Santé Animale's acquisition of nine products developed and currently marketed by Merial from Boehringer Ingelheim has been approved by the European Commission.

The acquisition will allow Ceva to reinforce its growing presence in swine vaccines and develop its range of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products.

In disease news, Cambodia has reported an outbreak of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) on a backyard pig farm.

And African Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported on Russian and Ukrainian pig farms. In both countries, commercial farms were effected.





Old Pond Publishing

Book of the Week

How to Become a First Generation Farmer

How to Become a First Generation Farmer

This book is written for the First-generation farmer but at the same time will appeal to a much wider audience, including established farmers.The book gives readers the information they need to commit themselves to a farming life even if they lack experience and finance. It encourages would-be farmers to have a go at farming on their own, whether on a hobby farm, part-time farm or a full-time enterprise. It covers a wide range of topics, from renting land and buying a field, through to all the livestock enterprises, arable farming, haymaking, silage making and much more.

A chapter is included on how to obtain planning permission for a mobile home and permanent dwelling in a greenbelt area, along with how to go about building – invaluable for those who need to live on the premises. What makes this book unique is the added humour. If you have read John’s four hilarious school farm books, you will have come to expect his wonderful sense of humour to shine through.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Role of Zinc on Metallothionein Gene Expression in Pigs
Zinc is critical for the functional and structural integrity of cells and contributes to a number of important processes including gene expression (Cousins, 1996; O’Halloran, 1993; Silva and Williams, 1991), writes Dr Sanjib Borah, Assistant Professor, Department of Physiology & Biochemistry, Assam Agricultural University, Assam, India.

Company News

Combined Vaccine Helps Reduce PRRS on French Pig Farms
FRANCE - Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) is caused by a virus that is present on a large proportion of farms.
The Increasing Threat from Mycotoxins to Global Food Security
CANADA - Remarks by Christopher Elliott, Queens University Belfast, United Kingdom at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada.
Merck Animal Health Calls for Swine PhD Award Submissions
US - Merck Animal Health (known as MSD Animal Health outside the US and Canada) is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2017 High Quality Pork Ph.D. Award in support of research in swine health, production and welfare.
New Zoetis Vaccine Protects Against PCV2 and M. Hyo
UK - A new one-bottle, one-dose bivalent vaccine that helps protect pigs against the effects of both porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae (M. hyo) is now available from Zoetis. Suvaxyn Circo+MH RTU provides active immunisation against the economically important diseases caused by PCV2 and enzootic pneumonia.
Enzymes Are Key Puzzle Piece to Feeding the 9 Billion
How do we feed the world’s future population and the growing global demand for protein?
Larger Sow Farms Drive Shift to Larger Buildings
The size of individual sow farms continues to increase in the US; just a few years ago 2,400 head units were considered large, but new sow farms under construction this year range between 5,000 to 14,000 head in size.
Pork Commentary: Is there a Pulse to the US Markets?
US - We write on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean heading to Germany and the huge EuroTier LiveStock Exposition, held bi-annually in Hannover.
Ceva Gets European Commission Go Ahead to Acquire Merial Assets From Boehringer Ingleheim
EU - The European Commission has given its approval for the transfer to Ceva Santé Animale of nine products developed and currently marketed by Merial.
Market Reports

Global Pig Industry News

   Russian Federation

More ASF Reported in Russian Pigs


Ukraine Reports Further ASF Outbreaks


Further Reduction in Antimicrobial Use on Danish Pig Farms


Finland Creates Animal Protein Feed From Biogas

   United Kingdom

Study Shows Mood and Personality Affect the Decisions of Pigs
UK Sales of Antibiotics for Animals Dropped 9 Per Cent Last Year
Value of UK Pork Exports Growing
Medics Urge More Action on Antibiotics in Farming

   United States

Hog Outlook: Weekly Hog Slaughter Continues to Rise
Study Finds Some Hog Workers Developing Drug-Resistant Skin Infections
Week to Week Variation in US Pork Production Causing Problems
Trade, Labour Big Issues for Agriculture in Trump Presidency

   European Union

Spain and EU Pork Markets
Pork Industry to Benefit from EU Trade Deals, Study Shows
EU's Ag Markets Task Force Calls for New Rules on Unfair Trading Practices


Success for Canadian Pork in China
Swine Health Must Be Priority in Next Ag Policy Framework, says Pork Council
Canada's Livestock Producers Have Role in Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance
Sask Pork Confident in US Acceptance of TPP


Investors Take Action to Manage Antibiotic Overuse Risk in Farming
Farm Vigilance a Key Priority in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
Global Meat Prices Fall in October


Senasa Runs Final Campaign Against Classical Swine Fever


Regional Meetings to Elect New Pigs Committee


Cambodia Reports PRRS Outbreak


New Project to Recover Nitrogen from Pig, Poultry Manure


The Drost Project - A Visual Guide to Porcine, Pig Reproduction.
Antimicrobial Resistance

Thermo Fisher - PRRSV Screening Alternatives Webinar
Biomin - Science & Solutions
IPPE - Jan 31 - Feb 2 2017 in Atlanta, GA, USA
Technical Services Specialist II - PIC


Voice of Sustainable Pork

PIC - Never Stop Improving
Biomin - Naturally Ahead
Circovac - Vaccines against PCV2 and PMWS.
Novus International
Hog Slat - Grower Select
Circumvent® PCV-M G2
Boehringer Ingelheim - Prevention Works
Unique Features And Only From Big Dutchman


Life Technologies
AB Vista Feed Ingredients - integrated supplier of new generation micro-ingredients for animal feeds
Nutriad - We Know Pigs
More on VIROCID - The Global Disinfectant
Genesus - The first power in genetics


Axcentive - Halamid The Universal Disinfectant
Osborne Industries - Mark IV Fire
PPT-Pig Production Training Ltd
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