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Monday 16th January 2017.
Lucy Towers - ThePigSite Editor

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Researchers Find Virus Responsible for 'Shaking Piglets'

Researchers at the University Clinic for Swine, the Institute of Virology, and the Institute of Pathology and Forensic Veterinary Medicine at Vetmeduni Vienna in Austria have made a breakthrough in understanding the cause of 'shaking' in newborn piglets.

An unknown virus was suspected as being the cause of cases of 'shaking piglets', which have been reported since the 1920's, but without conclusive confirmation.

The researchers have now, however, been able to identify a new virus as the cause of this potentially life-threatening disease. The pathogen, which belongs to the so-called atypical porcine pestiviruses (APPV), was detected in diseased animals at Austrian farms using a specially developed test.

The pestiviruses had been considered a possible causative agent, along with other viral pathogens, but the established tests had so far remained without success.

"It was the characterization of the atypical pestiviruses that first brought us on the right track," said virologist Benjamin Lamp. On the basis of the sequence data, it was possible to identify a further strain of these viruses and so develop a new test. Detection is now possible using the usual molecular methods such as polymerase chain reaction.

The detection procedure not only confirmed the presence of the virus in high numbers in the diseased piglets; the team was also able to detect the pathogen in the saliva and semen of mature pigs.

In other news, scientists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, UK, have created male pigs that could be used as surrogates capable of producing sperm that contains the genetic blueprint of sought-after pigs.

Stem cells from male pigs with desirable characteristics, such as greater resilience to disease, could be transplanted into the surrogates to produce limitless supplies of their valuable sperm.

The surrogates have functional testes but do not have specialised stem cells that are required to produce sperm containing their own genetic information, the researchers said.

Professor Bruce Whitelaw, Head of Developmental Biology at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute, said: “This could dramatically improve the production efficiency and quality of farmed pigs, as well as enhancing other desirable traits such as disease resilience in production animals.”

In disease news, more African Swine Fever outbreaks have been reported in Ukraine, including a new outbreak in Lugansk, in the east of the country.

In total, four more outbreaks have been confirmed on four farms across the country leading to 139 cases.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Effectiveness of Hygen Pro® Strept Phytobiotic versus Clinical Strains of Porcine Streptococcus Suis
Streptococcal infections are one of the leading causes of economic and production losses in pig farming, write Téllez, S et al, Liptosa.

Immunity and Gastrointestinal Function of Weaning Pigs
Weaning is a critical period in a pig’s life; the pig must cope with separation from the sow, the transition from highly digestible milk to a less digestible and more complex solid feed, a new environment, movement and separation from littermates, and exposure to unfamiliar pigs, writes Dari Brown, Purina.
Company News

USA Hog Market Report
US - Cash hogs and futures have held up remarkably well in the face of some of the largest weekly slaughters in history, writes Allan Bentley, USA Sales.
CID LINES@Agriflanders 2017
BELGIUM - Meet our CID LINES team at booth 7422 of Agriflanders in Gent, Belgium!
Can Mycotoxins Effect Gastro-Intestinal Tract Function?
CANADA - Remarks by Todd Applegate, University of Georgia, United States of America at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada.
South East Asia Hog Market Report
SOUTH EAST ASIA - Pig farming is growing fast in Vietnam, and pig prices in the market are still in serious decline. One of the main reason for the decline in pig price is the enforced closure of the Chinese/Vietnam border vastly reducing the supplies entering China, and the Chinese traders are taking advantage of the current situation by reducing purchase prices, writes Paul Anderson, General Manager South East Asia.
The Effects of Emerging Mycotoxins in Livestock
GLOBAL - A recap of unregulated fungal metabolites that should be on the protein industry’s radar.
Nutriad Supporting US Customers on Veterinary Feed Directive
GLOBAL - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking numerous steps and actions to ensure that antibiotics are being used judiciously in Food Animal Production.
Reduce PRRS, Improve Health With Vaccination Programme Change
NETHERLANDS - A change in vaccination programme has been shown to help improve health and reduce PRRS on farms in the Netherlands.
Mycotoxin Testing – From Multi-Toxin Analysis to Metabolomics
CANADA - Remarks by Rudolf Krska, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum in Vancouver, Canada.
PCV2 Vaccination Beneficial to Piglet Health
NETHERLANDS - Is is almost always beneficial to vaccinate pigs with the CIRCOVAC vaccination, even when only low clinical symptoms are observed, explained a veterinarian working in the Netherlands.
Fostera® PCV MH Now Offers Increased Duration of Immunity
US - Latest study demonstrates at least 23 weeks DOI against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae.
Pork Commentary: Global Market Thoughts!
GLOBAL - It’s the New Year and we are thinking about the China swine markets and how it will affect us, writes Jim Long President – CEO Genesus Inc.

Global Pig Industry News

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Dutch Pork Exports Declined in Q3 2016

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