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Monday 18th December 2017.

Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

Emily Houghton


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Editor’s weekly picks:

Review: Achieving sustainable production of pig meat

Volume 2: Animal breeding and nutrition.
As Professor Julian Wiseman states in his introduction to the volume, ‘pig meat is the most widely-consumed meat in the world, accounting for 40% of the world’s overall meat consumption’. With such growth in consumption and therefore demand, pig production has relied on the intensification of breeding and rearing, and the movement to much larger production systems. With the growing pressure to improve the sustainability of production while continuing to meet demands, innovation and the adoption of best-practice management methods by producers is crucial to achieving sustainable and productive farming.

Read the full review here

Management and breeding strategies to reduce aggression

Presenting at a recent meeting of the North Yorkshire Pig Discussion Group, Dr Simon Turner, based at SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College), posed the question: “What determines pigs’ fighting and how do we exploit this knowledge to stop them?”.  Pig industry reporter, Stuart Lumb, discusses the latest research in the incidence of aggression in pigs as presented by Dr Simon Turner.

Read the full article here

The Pig Site is updating…

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If you’d like to get involved, please send your photos to with a description of the age, breed and location of the pig. OR please upload your photos here and fill out the required form.

You may see some familiar faces on The Pig Site very soon!

This Week's Articles and Analysis

Management and breeding strategies to reduce aggression
Presenting at a recent meeting of the North Yorkshire Pig Discussion Group, Dr Simon Turner, based at SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College), posed the question: “What determines pigs’ fighting and how do we exploit this knowledge to stop them?”. Pig industry reporter, Stuart Lumb, discusses the latest research on the incidence of aggression in pigs as presented by Dr Simon Turner.

Transport pigs properly and prepare for their arrival
Safely transporting pigs from one facility to another is a necessity of modern day pork production. As with any change to routine, the stress of handling, riding on trucks and being introduced to new surroundings can temporarily stall performance and even create setbacks in young pigs. Rick Purnell provides tips to keep your pigs safe throughout the transportation process.

Tips to improve your handling for pig welfare and productivity
The way we handle pigs can have important consequences for their welfare and productivity. Research has repeatedly shown that pigs exposed to negative handling techniques, such as hits, slaps, pushes, shouting and fast movement can have lower rates of reproduction and growth. These pigs also experience reduced welfare due to the fear and stress elicited by these handling bouts. Dr Lauren Edwards, Animal Welfare Science Centre, discusses some of these handling effects in more detail, and provides some tips on how best to improve handling behaviour for optimal welfare and productivity of pigs.
Company News

Genesus Global Market Report: USA
I have been reading articles about corn markets and the question that everyone wants an answer to, is:“ Will we see higher prices?”
What to expect during an on-farm CSI audit
An on-farm visit by an auditor will likely be routine for pork producers in the future. Knowing what an auditor expects and what pork producers can do during the audit will help prepare for a positive and successful experience.
Hypor's new facility opens doors to the future
Successful companies don’t react to change; they drive it. With that in mind, Hypor recently opened the doors on a new state-of-the-art facility in Sichamps, France.
AASV: Improving Surveillance Keeps Emerging Diseases at Bay
ANALYSIS - The Province of Ontario is focused on emerging swine diseases and developing surveillance systems by bringing all the stakeholders together, including the government and private industry, to try and make a better system that works to detect swine diseases as early as possible.
Genesus global technical report: Incorporating information in routine genetic evaluation
For many years, pig producers depended on physical characteristics and phenotypic evaluations to select pigs to produce their next generation. Later on, breeding and cross-breeding methods, using quantitative genetics were employed to estimate an animals genetic merit more accurately.
Jim Long Pork Commentary: Hog markets shows profits for next 12 months
Using current projected feed cost and current lean hog futures it appears the average profit potential for next twelve months should average about $20 US per head for farrow to finish operations. That’s a very positive number, considering the industry noise, that expansion is happening.
Pig Health Today launches mobile app
Pig Health Today, the world’s only news website focused entirely on swine health, welfare and sustainability, has partnered with sponsor Zoetis to launch a mobile app for Apple and Android devices.
Genesus Global Market Report: China - 8 December 2017
Last month a load of Genesus Purebred pigs arrived in North East China for Guangdong Wens Foodstuff Group Co. Ltd. One of eight large companies that have made this region the growth hot spot for China.
Nutriad present gut health research at Global Feed Summit
Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad presented new gut health research at the recent Global Feed Summit in Bangkok (Thailand).

Global Pig Industry News

   United Kingdom

#PigKeepers campaign to prevent spread of ASF
Government considering controls on live animal exports
Rural pig farmer calls out misleading supermarket branding
Red Tractor Assurance secures new five-year biofuels authorisation for combinable crops and sugar beet
2018 – taking steps to a more sustainable future
Animal sentience bill greeted with praise


The best of The Pig Site 2017: gastrointestinal function and immunity of weaning pigs
The best of The Pig Site 2017: Controlling gastric ulcers
Best of The Pig Site 2017: Mycotoxin management
Best of The Pig Site 2017: nutrition for piglets
Best of The Pig Site 2017: CO2 stunning
AIC warns of shortages of Vitamins A and E for livestock feed supplies

   United States

USDA to rescind Organic Livestock and Poultry Practice rule
Metal shavings in pork products prompt recall
FDA report on antibiotics validates work by US pig farmers


Manitoba modernising access to agricultural Crown lands


Boost for French pork exports to China


APRIL calls for new scientists and new science for pork

   Russian Federation

ASF in Russia’s largest pork producer

Book of the Week

Finishing Pigs and Health

Conventional and Organic Farming

Is organic farming better for the environment, human health and crop quality? And crucially can an organic farming system cope with feeding the expanding world population? Examining all the available evidence the author aims to provide an objective analysis of the benefits and the exaggerated and misinterpreted claims surrounding organic farming.

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