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Tuesday 1st May 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

Emily Houghton



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Editor’s weekly picks:

Indoor housing systems for dry sows
Individual stall housing for dry sows beyond a period of four weeks after service is no longer permissible in any EU Member State (as of January 2013). Producers need either to convert existing housing or construct new housing to comply with the legislation. It is imperative they invest in systems that deliver good standards of welfare for their sows and respect all elements of the legislation affecting dry sow housing.

A good dry sow housing system should provide an interesting environment which allows for the expression of a wide range of behaviours. Feed and fibre provision should reduce aggressive behaviour, particularly around feeding, and allow for satiety. Aggression and the number of stressors during mixing of unfamiliar animals should be minimised.

Compassion in World Farming discusses indoor group housing systems for dry sows and provides an up-to-date comparison of how such systems meet the needs of the sow and the stockworker.

Read the full article here

Scientific, ethical, and economic aspects of farm animal welfare
The drive to address agricultural animal welfare increases as the demand for food of animal origins correspondingly grows. A major emerging challenge is the continuous need to meet animal protein demands while simultaneously protecting animal welfare and developing broadly sustainable production systems. Large-scale, intensive systems predominate production animal agriculture in the United States. These systems continue to generate concerns and public debates about the treatment of farm animals, the conceptions of sustainability, the social responsibility of food production systems, and the safety and quality of food.

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) discusses its strategy for optimising animal welfare in agriculture.

Read the full article here

This Week's Articles and Analysis

Indoor housing systems for dry sows
Compassion in World Farming discusses indoor group housing systems for dry sows and provides an up-to-date comparison of how such systems meet the needs of the sow and the stockworker

Review: Managing Breeds for a secure future
2nd Edition. Dr Phillip Sponenberg, Alison Martin and Jeanette Beranger

Practical options for indoor free-farrowing systems
Compassion in World Farming discusses indoor free-farrowing systems for sows and provides an up-to-date comparison of how such systems meet the needs of the sow, her piglets and the stockworker

Company News

Five ways to get better returns on your swine-health program
The pork industry uses a wide variety of vaccinations and medications for managing viral and bacterial diseases. In a conversation with Pig Health Today, Micah Jansen, DVM, Zoetis, identified five areas where producers can improve returns on their herd-health investment.
Nuscience launches next phase of Biotica innovation drive for Canadian market
CALGARY, ALBERTA — New speciality market approval, scientific forum discussion and broadened adoption are all rapidly taking shape for the Nuscience elite level feed technology platform in Canada, available under the Biotica product brand via strategic marketing partnership with Canadian Bio-Systems Inc (CBS Inc).
Genesus Global Market Report: Canada - Is the party over?
The recent NASS semi-annual pig crop for both the USA and Canada places the sow herds at 6.18 million head and 1.27 million head respectively. Inventories of all hogs and pigs are 73.2 million USA and 14.3 million head in Canada.
Jim Long Pork Commentary: US hog market shows some rebound
Last week the US hog market showed some rebound, 53-54% lean hogs, going from 51.95¢ to 56.13¢.
Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project underscores value of information sharing
Collaboration among veterinarians working with different pork producers is one of the great benefits emanating from the Morrison Swine Health Monitoring Project (MSHMP), Carles Vilalta, DVM, PhD, told Pig Health Today.
Zoetis builds sustainable veterinary diagnostic network and animal health infrastructure in Uganda, Nigeria and Ethiopia
Marks accomplishments in first year of the African Livestock Productivity and Health Advancement (A.L.P.H.A.) Initiative.

Global Pig Industry News

   United Kingdom

Engage with farmers to deliver change, NFU tells Defra Secretary of State
British meat levy boards to exhibit at SIAL Canada
EU guidelines boost former foodstuffs industry
Bright outlook for pig and poultry producers

   United States

Farm animal welfare: New report tackles challenging issues
US pork: Safeguarding natural resources
Congress stands up to new swine slaughter rule
Scientific, ethical, and economic aspects of farm animal welfare
Earth BioGenome Project: solutions for agriculture's future?
How do we advance livestock production for the future?


Eyes on the road
Province encourages Manitobans to contribute to new economic growth strategy


We have a shared farming future after Brexit, say British and European farmers


Weighing up pork production priorities

   European Union

EU Pig Prices: Quotations inconsistent – price decrease observed in Germany


Schothorst Feed Research announces improved International Feeds & Nutrition Course


CPF announces global policy on animal welfare


What's on the label? France bans meat terminology on veggie alternatives

Book of the Week

Finishing Pigs and Health

Finishing Pigs and Health

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