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Tuesday 28th August 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

Emily Houghton

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Big Dutchman

MSD Animal Health


Need some tips on improving your litter numbers?

The ultimate aim of pig breeders is to have large, healthy litters, but what can be done to maximise the number of healthy piglets born?

It’s important to recognise that litter size can be affected by a whole range of factors, including breed, genetics, nutrition, timing of mating and conditions, stress, and disease. Consider each of these factors when breeding and you will provide your herd a better chance of achieving – and maintaining – profitable pregnancies.

Liz Shankland looks at ways of maximising the number of piglets produced per farrowing.

Read the full article here


Is chlamydia affecting swine reproduction rates and the occurrence of reproductive disorders?

Researchers from Poland investigate the occurrence of reproductive disorders in pig herds with and without chlamydia infection using statistical analysis of breeding parameters.

Chlamydia is one of a number of common bacterial infections that can occur in pigs without any visible clinical signs. Chlamydiae are Gram-negative, intracellular eubacteria that live inside or on the surface of a host cell which, like viruses, are obligatory parasites. In most cases, the bacteria can be commensal parasites in pigs, meaning they do not cause noticeable damage to the pig, but in other cases they can be associated with respiratory disease, heart sac infection, anaemia, jaundice and poor growth. Chlamydia may also be responsible for some instances of infertility and abortion. Chlamydia suis and other chlamydia are primarily isolated in cases of reproductive disorders.

This particular study (Rypula et al., 2018) was performed to estimate the impact of Chlamydia suis infection on reproduction in sows by analysing reproduction rates and breeding parameters.

Read the full article here

This Week's Articles and Analysis

Need some tips on improving your litter numbers?
The ultimate aim of pig breeders is to have large, healthy litters, but what can be done to maximise the number of healthy piglets born? Liz Shankland looks at ways of maximising the number of piglets produced per farrowing

Company News

Jim Long Pork Commentary: Russia road trip
This past week we spent in Russia. I visited several customers and prospects with two of my sons Spencer and Aidan.
'We’ve almost forgotten that boars just perform better'
Larry Rueff, DVM, is a big believer in immunocastration. Ever since the swine veterinarian from Greensburg, IN, stopped physically castrating some of his pigs 4 years ago, and started using a protein compound that works like an immunisation to block boar taint, he’s noticed significant improvements in growth and feed efficiency.
Nutriad draws presidential interest at Indo Livestock
Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad participated in the 3-days 2018 Indo Livestock exposition & forum in Jakarta (Indonesia) earlier this month.
Building a better understanding of biosecurity and PRRS risks
At the center of any biosecurity program is the goal of preventing pathogens or diseases from entering and infecting a swine herd. Perhaps no disease has challenged producers and veterinarians as dramatically as porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS).
Genesus Global Market Report: France August 2018
Hog Market : the summer rise has not taken place (yet)
Jim Long Pork Commentary: U.S. Futures rebound
Markets many times move with few if any people expecting. Last week was a case in point.

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

US and Mexico reach agreement on NAFTA
Cell-based meat and poultry: top firms co-sign letter to President Trump
Animal Welfare Institute and Farm Sanctuary sue USDA over slaughterhouse records


Canada’s swine veterinarians lead the way for antimicrobial stewardship
Are you doing all you can for your farm biosecurity?

   United Kingdom

2018 British Farming Awards finalists announced


African swine fever strikes Romania’s largest pig farm
African swine fever continues to spread in Romania


Thai supermarket chain pledges to end sow confinement

   European Union

Pig production Grand Prix winners announced
EU pig prices: price rally continues – quotations still going up


China’s pig herd suffers third ASF outbreak

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