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ThePigSite Newsletter - 5 September 2018

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Wednesday 5th September 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

Emily Houghton


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September is in full swing!

The Autumn months are rolling in, much to the relief of many affected by the summer heat and droughts, and that means it’s time to prepare once again for any extreme weather we could be facing – of the cold kind this time around!

It’s not often we have chance to sit down and research how to ensure our farms can stand the test of time, both physically and economically, and as the pork industry is continuously facing a changing consumer market, it really is vital that we adapt and innovate to keep up.

This month on The Pig Site, we’ll be focussing on sustainability – both in the environmental and economic senses of the word. How can the pork industry keep up with consumer diet trends? How can we minimise costs while maximising welfare and quality to ensure we can keep running our businesses? How can we reduce the emissions from manure? How can we conserve water on farm? How can we reduce transportation distances?

Keep an eye out for top tips from experts in the field and remember to email the editor with any questions or comments you have. We’d love to hear from you!


Editor’s weekly picks:

Tag-team farming: the benefits of franchise production

A number of pig farmers in the Netherlands are enjoying the benefits of joining forces, having forged a united approach to marketing produce. Frievar is a franchise system set up in 2002 with the goal of producing healthy meat by maintaining a strong focus throughout the production chain on animal health, quality and welfare. It was set up by fellow Dutch farmers Mark van Sambeek and John Lorist, who have each been producing their own pigs in Friesland since the 1980s.

The two men decided that cooperating could be a prosperous idea for their two farms and ended up forming a plan on how best to sell slaughter pigs. From that development came the plan to introduce their own food brand and start marketing their produce. The farming company was born and given the name Frievar BV, while the name they decided upon for the food brand was Friberne.

Chris McCullough tells the story of the establishment of the tag-team franchise bridging the gap between producer and consumer.

Read the full article here


Will plant-based diets push the meat sector to change its marketing strategy?

An AHDB report, published earlier this month (August 2018), discusses the ever-growing number of affordable vegan and vegetarian food products on the market and how an increasing number of consumers are developing an appetite for such products. Surprisingly, the sales of such food products are not being driven by vegans, but by meat-eaters wanting to try ‘something new’.

The social media presence and popularity of the vegan brand is obviously a worry for meat and dairy producers – though AHDB’s Susie Stannard confirms that meat and dairy remain as “cornerstones of the British diet”. It is therefore key for producers to take control, innovate and reconnect with consumers to gain favour in a changing market.

The Pig Site speaks to AHDB’s Senior Consumer Insight Analyst, Susie Stannard, about the most recent AHDB report on the rise of plant-based food products and how AHDB are encouraging farmers to use this market disruption as a chance to reconnect with consumers.

Read the full article here

This Week's Articles and Analysis

Tag-team farming: the benefits of franchise production
A number of pig farmers in the Netherlands are enjoying the benefits of joining forces, having forged a united approach to marketing produce, writes Chris McCullough

Ask an expert: Genetics and reproduction
This month The Pig Site puts some of your questions to Dr Craig Lewis, chair of the European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders and PIC Genetic Services manager

Company News

Tips for proper selection of cleaning, disinfection products
Proper cleaning and disinfection are requisites to achieving effective disease prevention and world-class swine production. Unfortunately, I’ve found some swine operations occasionally cut corners in this area when faced with staffing shortages or when herd health has been good.
Genesus Global Market Report: Russian market report, August 2018
The Russian pig price remains strong at 123 Roubles (US$1.81) per kg live-weight including VAT.

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

With ASF moving fast, what questions should you should be asking your feed supplier?
Workshops to help explore sustainable ag funding opportunities
National Swine Registry updates policy on over-ageing purebred pigs

   United Kingdom

Will plant-based diets push the meat sector to change its marketing strategy?
AHDB asks all UK pig farmers and processors for feedback

   European Union

EU pig prices: balanced situation for the most part – prices still unchanged


Sixth case of ASF brings cull count to 38,000 in China
ASF outbreak threatens to spread from China to other Asian countries


Manitoba Pork's cost of production model for swine producers
Can creep feeding increase post-wean feed intake?

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Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics

Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics charts the history of our understanding of farm animal welfare, throughout time – the human use of animals in different eras, and farming in different systems – seeing the emergence of intensification and science and technology.

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