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Tuesday 23rd October 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

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Where is African swine fever now?

With African swine fever continuing its journey through Europe and China, mortalities continue to increase, meaning more domestic herds are at risk. Since the first cases emerged in Liaoning province in early August tens of thousands of pigs have been culled and trade restrictions have been set to prevent the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, dozens of ASF-infected wild boar have been found dead in rural Luxembourg, and the Belgian government has endorsed pre-emptive culls in the contaminated zone, to prevent the virus reaching larger domestic herds.

So, what is the current status of ASF around the world, and what are both infected and non-infected regions doing to stop its spread?

Read the full update here

Study finds gene-edited pigs resistant to billion-dollar virus

Scientists have produced pigs that can resist one of the world's most costly animal diseases, by changing their genetic code.
PRRS costs the pig industry around $2.5 billion (£1.75bn) each year in lost revenue in the US and Europe alone. The disease causes breathing problems and deaths in young animals and if pregnant sows become infected, it can cause them to lose their litter. The virus infects pigs using a receptor on their cells' surface called CD163. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh's Roslin Institute used gene editing techniques to remove a small section of the CD163 gene.


Tests with the virus, Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS), found that the gene-edited pigs do not become infected at all. The animals show no signs that the change in their DNA has had any other impact on their health or wellbeing.

Read the full story here


This Week's Articles and Analysis

Company News

New Bon Accord nucleus facility: Bigger, bolder, better
Given that “fortune favours the bold”, the rebuilt Bon Accord nucleus facility is a bold move that will pay off big-time for the pork industry.
Quarantine window for feed ingredients may reduce hog disease risk
Foreign animal diseases (FAD) are top of mind as the ongoing outbreaks of African swine fever (ASF) in China, Belgium and elsewhere, have raised the stakes to implement new practices designed to minimise disease transmission.
Castration rule change a chance for Europe’s producers to get ‘smarter, faster’
Changes to rules around pig castration in Europe should be viewed as an opportunity to improve welfare and efficiencies rather than a problem producers need to overcome, says pig health expert
Bait stations improve rodent control
The use of bait stations improves the effectiveness of any rodent control program.
Genesus Global Market Report: France October 2018
This summer the average pork price has been much lower than summer from the previous year and reached a maximum price of 1.296 €/kg (1,498 $/ kg carcass) at the beginning of September.
Jim Long Pork Commentary: The markets are always moving
Some weeks we don’t have much to write about. It seems either we or the markets are in a doldrum. Probably we are more than the markets. The markets are always moving.
Better feed conversion, more profit for your wallet
In theory, the secret to boosting your pork profits is simple: spend less and make more. Yet with ever increasing feed costs eating into your bottom line, that’s easier said than done.
Genesus Global Market Report: Canada – Reverse of fortunes (kind of)
Eight weeks ago, in my August 13th Commentary Bob Hunsberger, Wallenstein Farm Supply, projected profits for the next 12 months at ($10.96) per pig average and producer profitability levels that week ($19.25) per pig average production and $1.51 per pig excellent production.
Absolutely the least exciting thing about raising pigs
Maintenance. We all know it's important but it’s not something anybody gets excited about doing.

Global Pig Industry News


China's Guangdong province bans transport of live hogs as swine fever spreads
Pork prices stay firm despite swine fever
Chinese professionals educated about ease of cooking US pork
China soybean imports set for biggest drop in 12 years amid tariff conflict

   United Kingdom

Roadshows explore new solutions for balancing antibiotic use
NFU sends Budget submission to the Chancellor
Study finds gene-edited pigs resistant to billion dollar virus
Could a no-deal Brexit mean backtracking our welfare standards?
Fair funding to be granted to all farmers across the UK


Australia prepares its pig health industry for ASF and other diseases
Affluent effluent possible for piggeries

   United States

Crack an egg to understand weaned pig feed intake
New inspection system to be rolled out in US pig slaughter plants
US trade deals with EU or UK must include open access for US pork
Study finds benefits and tradeoffs in feeding rice bran to pigs
US researchers produce coronavirus-resistant pigs
US pork export value still under pressure
US pork industry seeks 2019 Pig Farmers of Tomorrow


Food systems planning experts say it's time to reflect on the work of local governments
Where is African swine fever now?
How will access to data boost agricultural productivity?


Changing the Chinese pork sector disease status
How do you prevent your buildings from deteriorating so quickly?

   European Union

EU pig prices: quotations are going down
EU pig prices: German discounted prices are stirring the market

Book of the Week

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Piglet Nutrition Notes Volume 2

Aimed at the pig industry professional, Piglet Nutrition Notes Volume 2 provides a quick look-up advisory guide on common practical issues in pig production. The second volume continues the series of Piglet Nutrition Notes by providing even more practical information regarding commercial piglet formulas, feeding practices, feed manufacturing, and additives.

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