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Tuesday 13th November 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

Emily Houghton

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Coping with compassion fatigue in the swine industry

Compassion fatigue was first coined a term in the nursing field to describe the emotional distress and burnout experienced by those taking care of patients. This term has since been adopted by many fields and working industries, including veterinary medicine, to describe the burnout associated with long-term involvement with and high frequency of natural death or euthanasia.

Swine caretakers face unique challenges in being responsible for making decisions on euthanasia, and this task can have significant psychological impacts on the individual.

Providing a farm culture where caretakers can feel supported and can express their emotions regarding euthanasia should be a priority for any producer to minimise the psychological impact of euthanasia on those that care for our pigs.

Read the full article here

Can acid supplements replace copper in pig diets?

On 23 July 2018, the European Commission published a document in the Official Journal of the European Union detailing changes to the use of copper as a feed additive for all animal species. For piglets a total of 150mg/kg complete feed is allowable up to four weeks after weaning, a decrease from the 170mg/kg previously permitted. For piglets from the fifth week after weaning up to the eighth week, a total of 100 mg/kg complete feed is allowable.

The reduction of copper use is significant and has the potential, if not addressed, to have a negative impact on the industry in terms of pig growth rates, and pig farming yields and economics. Given copper’s proven benefits to gut health, it’s imperative that the industry is actively seeking an alternative to ensure that pig health is maintained.

The good news is that the industry has indeed been conducting research into nutritional alternatives for copper in post-weaning diets.

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This Week's Articles and Analysis

Coping with compassion fatigue in the swine industry
Those who work with livestock regularly have to perform pain-inducing procedures on their animals and make end-of-life decisions, but what are the impacts of this on their mental health?

Can acid supplements replace copper in pig diets?
With the long-awaited changes to the copper levels allowed in animal feeds now officially in effect, finding alternatives to copper is higher on the industry agenda than ever before

Organic trace minerals equip sows and piglets for profitable performance
Not all mineral sources are the same.

Company News

ESF might not be the best choice for your farm
Modern agriculture embraces many new technologies-Smartphones, wireless climate sensors, GPS crop monitoring, whole-house climate controls, and robotic cow milkers.
Innovative slat anchor can be positioned without special tools
Whoever wants to fasten pig equipment to the floor knows: slat anchors are the right choice.
Ileitis: Is it possible to control in baby pigs without antibiotics?
Ileitis may be a ubiquitous disease in grow-finish pigs, but with changes in on-farm antibiotic use it could become a new, more common challenge in the nursery period.
FAD expert fields questions of ASF diagnostic preparedness, surveillance and response
Effectively addressing a foreign animal diseases (FAD) such as African swine fever (ASF) will take a unified effort between the US pork industry and the local, state and federal government if the deadly virus enters the United States.
See it, do it, teach it: Veterinarian offers tips for caregiver training
When you give someone something to read, the expressed competency level is about 10%. When you talk to them on the phone, it’s only 20%.
BigFarmNet statistics tool for sow managers: monitoring the entire production cycle
Thanks to digitalisation: at EuroTier 2018, Big Dutchman presents the first statistics tool for sow managers.
Jim Long Pork Commentary: EuroTier
In a week the massive EuroTier Livestock and Poultry Exhibition will be held in Hannover Germany.
Ceva 'Spotlight The Future' newsletter November 2018
This month read about the value of antibicrobials in swine medicine and we launched Altresyn to the Chinese market.

Global Pig Industry News

   United States

Trump's trade war plunging demand for chicken as cheap pork fills the shelves
Antibiotic stewardship: a conscious choice for US pig farmers
US pork forecast lower than expected
US pork, soybean and corn join forces for sustainability research
Lean hog futures tumble due to high supplies and weak prices in US
14,760 pounds of pork patty products recalled due to metal contamination
Risk of porcine disease is higher with garbage feeding

   European Union

EU pig prices: disappointing after failing price increase in Germany
EU pig prices: price increases can be expected


Pork producers encouraged to regularly audit drug inventories
Save dollars by adjusting drinkers in your pig barns


African swine fever found in animal feed raises China's contagion risk
ASF continues to run riot in China

   United Kingdom

Pig & Poultry Fair wins national award
World reference laboratory for foot-and-mouth disease celebrates 60th Anniversary
2019 Nuffield Farming Scholars announced
Keep things simple and focused for success, says David Black winner
NOAH purpose expanded in new strategy
Brexit and beyond: a strong future in animal health


Exporters explore opportunities for UK pork in Taiwan


New scanning technique allows rapid identification of meat fraud


Open data and data-driven agriculture spotlighted at GODAN Forum

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