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Wednesday 19th December 2018.
Emily Houghton - ThePigSite Editor

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AMR in pig production – colistin under the spotlight

AMR is not a new topic to anyone involved in livestock and food production, and there is a wealth of information raising awareness and imparting knowledge about how to tackle the issue, plus many examples of Government interventions, NGO and industry-led initiatives.

The aim of this article, however is to highlight the significance of the extraordinary mobility and potency of horizontally transmissible genetic elements of antimicrobial resistance (also called antimicrobial resistant genes, or ARGs), and the necessity for co-ordinated and rapid global responses to new and emerging threats.

The emergence of horizontally transmissible colistin resistance in China in 2015 (Liu et al. 2016), and its rapid global spread, is one such example – and one that is particularly pertinent to the pig industry.

Read the full article here

Could we improve animal welfare by harnessing human culture?

Interview with the author: "Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The evolving story of our relationship with farm animals".

Dr Mark Fisher, the principal adviser for the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), Animal Welfare Team, and author of the recently published Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics, completed his PhD in animal physiology at the University of Nottingham. He has led major research and guided new policy for agriculture and animal welfare throughout a career working across sectors.

Read the full article here

Death toll rises as China suffers new ASF outbreaks

New outbreaks of African swine fever have been confirmed in Chongqing and Zhuhai this week and authorities crack down on illegal slaughter methods.

The virus was detected on a small pig farm with 23 pigs in Chongqing's Bishan district, infecting eight animals and killing three, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said in a statement on Tuesday (18 December).

Today (19 December), the first case in Guangdong was also discovered at a slaughterhouse in Zhuhai where 11 pigs were killed.

Read the full story here

This Week's Articles and Analysis

AMR in pig production – colistin under the spotlight
Antimicrobial resistance does not respect geographical, political or species boundaries so how is the pig industry responding to reduce its impacts on human and animal health?

Alternatives to zinc oxide for more potent piglets
The nutritional and environmental experiences by weaning piglets contribute to gastro-intestinal and immune system disturbances.

Could we improve animal welfare by harnessing human culture?
Interview with the author: "Animal Welfare Science, Husbandry and Ethics: The evolving story of our relationship with farm animals".

African swine fever in China: 87 cases and counting
African swine fever has taken its toll on China's pigs but what are the real impacts on the industry as the 87th case is confirmed?

Vaccination strategies in the context of antibiotic reduction
Tools for the reduction or substitution of antibiotics in animal feed diets are already available. However, vaccination remains the most important tool for disease prevention. A different antibiotic strategy now needs to be applied, one that incorporates their prudent use.

Why gilt health is key to managing Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae
Applying the Infection Chain™ and Prevention Chain™

Company News

Raising pigs without antibiotics? Plan to ‘sweat the small stuff’
Follow this rule if you’re raising pigs without antibiotics: “Sweat the small stuff.”
Genesus Global Market Report: France
On week 49, after a decline of the prices the last weeks, it seems that the global demand is more sustained, probably due to abroad markets.
Parvovirus still poses threat to breeding herd
For as long as anyone can remember, pork producers have vaccinated gilts for parvovirus. Now that outbreaks are rare, is it necessary to vaccinate the entire breeding herd?
Jim Long Pork Commentary: Prairie Livestock Expo Winnipeg
Observations from the Prairie Livestock Expo that was held in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.
Merck to acquire privately held Antelliq Group
The move establishes Merck Animal Health as a leader in emerging digital tracking, traceability and monitoring technology
How to catch a disease outbreak early
What can you do to aid in early detection of disease on your farm? Daniel Linhares, assistant professor at Iowa State University, shares three steps pig producers can take to improve their odds of catching a disease outbreak early.
SHIC establishes diagnostic strategies to get ahead of disease
If knowledge is power, being prepared is security. Both are drivers behind the Swine Health Information Center’s (SHIC) program to share information among the nation’s four major swine veterinary diagnostic laboratories.
Jim Long Pork Commentary: hog weights continue to surprise
It appears that weekly US hog marketing's are tracking very similar to a year ago. This past week 2,558,000 last year same week 2,541,000 a 17,000 head difference.
Pork industry needs to balance animal well-being with antibiotic pressures
After 37 years of swine veterinary practice, John Baker, DVM, Boonville, Indiana, sees producers and veterinarians entering a new era in antibiotic management — one that focuses not on arbitrarily reducing antibiotics but using them responsibly to ensure animal well-being.

Global Pig Industry News

   European Union

EU farmers will be protected, says European Commission
EU citizens want more transparent food safety studies


First ASF outbreak in Guangdong may push up market prices further
Death toll rises as China suffers new ASF outbreaks


Swine fever in China may boost Brazilian markets

   United States

New framework for antibiotic stewardship in livestock management
Farmers Union insists immediate trade payments happen
GM pigs resist infection with the classical swine fever virus
US Congress passes 2018 Farm Bill
Conference panel approves 2018 Farm Bill


Active improvement of biosecurity could provide alternative to antibiotics in pig herds


Backyard pig producers and feral pigs represent ASF risk for Canada
New research funds will allow improved disease surveillance in Canada's pork sector
Rural communities to receive mental health first aid training

   United Kingdom

Certainty, collaboration and respect needed for Scotland’s red meat industry
New MLCSL owner proposes independent scrutiny of carcass classification
RSPCA responds to Stacey review on farm inspections and animal welfare
AHDB-sponsored scholar explores antibiotic stewardship in overseas pig production
Is the pig industry ready for a Brexit 'no deal'?
New NFU report highlights vital role of farming in enhancing the environment


FAO urges scale up of response to climate change in agri sectors
Superbugs found in pork products from Carrefour in Spain, Tesco Lotus in Thailand and Walmart in Brazil


Farmers from across Central and Eastern Europe march on EU Council calling for equal pay for equal work

   Russian Federation

Russian meat giant reveals rise in pork sales, production during November 2018

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