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(232) If productivity is to be increased it is necessary to identify those areas during the pre-mating and pregnancy period that are either inefficiently managed or adversely affected by disease. Disease and farrowing rate loss recording sheets are described in chapter 5 and they are important aids to this identification process. Records will identify why reproduction failures have occurred and also provide information about culling and mortality.

They should include information on:

  • Anoestrus.
  • Culling policies relative to the slaughter price of the sow.
  • Haemorrhage problems.
  • Infertility including repeats, sows not in pig, discharges etc.
  • Lameness.
  • Mastitis, agalactia and udder oedema.
  • Mortality and its specific causes.
  • Poor conformation and its effects.
  • Prolapse of the vagina or rectum.
  • Savaging.
  • Sows with poor litters.
  • Specific diseases.
  • The age profile of the herd.
Compare your records to the sow disposal targets in Fig.7-1.

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