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Gastric Ulcers

See chapter 7 for further information.

(335) Gastric ulceration in the lactating sow is probably common but difficult to diagnose. Many chronic ulcerated lesions are activated during lactation because of the high and continual intake of feed

Clinical signs

These vary according to the severity of the ulcer and whether it is bleeding or not. The feed intake can be variable with occasional vomiting. If haemorrhage is occurring there will be dark coloured faeces, the animal will have a tucked up appearance, sometimes grinding its teeth indicative of pain and appear anaemic.


Suspect ulceration from the clinical signs.


  • With such clinical signs and in the absence of anything more specific it is worthwhile feeding the sow on a high milk diet such as a first stage diet and assess the results.
  • Cull such animals at weaning.

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