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Diseases and Problems in the Sucking Pig

(350) Whilst there are a large number of diseases that affect the sucking pig only a few are important. Recognition of different conditions is not easy sometimes but Fig.8-26 highlights disease associated with clinical observations.

The sucking pig is potentially exposed to all those disease producing organisms that are present in the herd. The source of most of these infections is occasionally the sow, but more often the source is other diseased piglets or clinically healthy, usually older, piglets that become infected as the maternal antibody wanes. The levels of disease experienced in any one herd are dependent upon the management practices, the attention to detail and the various important predisposing factors that are listed under each specific disease. An over view of the diseases in the sucking pig is shown in Fig.8-27. Fig.8-28 highlights some of those diseases that may be controlled by vaccination of the sow to raise the level of antibodies in the colostrum. It is now recognised that provided the sow is not diseased and is passing antibodies via the colostrum, many of the above diseases will not be transmitted to the piglet. However once maternal antibodies disappear the piglet becomes susceptible.

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