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(362) Cryptosporidia are parasites similar to coccidia that can also cause diarrhoea but at a slightly older age of 10 to 21 days. They can infect the human and this may be serious in immuno-suppressed people. They are also found in other species such as rats and mice which can become a source of constant infection.

Clinical signs

Often there are none.
Piglets pass a watery brown diarrhoea and become emaciated.


This is made by examining faeces in the laboratory. If the organism is associated regularly with diarrhoea the management control procedures recommended for coccidiosis control should be adopted. There is no recognised treatment and the condition is not common.

Management control and prevention

  • Apply the same principles as for coccidiosis.
  • Oo-cide (Antec) has an effect against cryptosporidia.

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