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Porcine Respiratory Corona Virus Infection (PRCV)

See chapter 12 for further information.

(378) PRCV is a relatively new virus that first appeared in pigs some ten years or more ago in Europe. It is related to but distinct from TGE virus, which is another corona virus.

PRCV is respiratory spread and believed to travel long distances and because of this it is extremely difficult to maintain herds free from it and very few countries have not been exposed.

Clinically it is totally non-pathogenic and field experiences have shown that herds exposed for the first time have no symptoms of disease. It has been suggested however that it may have an effect on lung tissue when other respiratory pathogens are present in chronic respiratory disease complexes. PRCV does however cross react with the serological test for TGE and it therefore can confuse the diagnosis. A differential test is available.

PRCV has no clinical effect on the sucking pig but infection often takes place at 2 to 3 weeks of age from the sow or airborne from weaned pigs. It is not of importance.

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