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Leg Weakness - Osteochondrosis (OCD)

See chapter 7 for further information.

(429) This term is also referred to as osteochondrosis. Leg deformities are common in the rapidly growing pig but are usually are of no commercial consequence because they do not affect the daily gain or food conversion efficiency. However the conformation defects of leg weakness can restrict the sale of breeding boars and gilts. Separation of the head of the femur at the growth plate does occur as a problem in younger growing pigs on some farms. It is characterised by the sudden onset of acute lameness with the pig refusing to put the foot to the floor. Gentle examination of the leg will determine a fracture in the hip or knee joint. Similar fractures also occur in the elbow joint and at the attachment of the hind muscle mass to the pelvis. In the growing pig heavy stocking density, rapid weight gain and environmental factors that cause the foot to slip on the floor will predispose. See chapter 7 Management control and prevention if you have problems.

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