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(433) Excessive mortality in the weaning and finishing herd is a significant economic loss. It can be assessed realistically by assuming that the overheads on the unit, excluding feed, are going to remain constant and therefore the calculation of loss for each pig can be considered as follows:

(The cost of producing a piglet to the point of weaning) + (the cost of the feed used by the pig to the point of death) + (the margin over feed that would have been made had the pig reached slaughter weight).

If the levels in the herd are above acceptable targets (Fig.9-27) then the reasons for the excess should be identified. For each pig that is found dead or destroyed note the date, age and weight, the house in which it died, the believed cause of death (Fig-9-28) and any comments. Such a system can easily be recorded on cards by house. See chapter 3. This is a simple method that is strongly recommend. The quality of nursing care given to sick pigs can significantly affect the target levels at the upper limit.

The movement to and reasons for sick pigs entering hospital pens should also be recorded.

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