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An introduction to managing health and disease

(60) There are many factors that affect the economic viability of modern day pig production. For a business to be successful it must take account of all of them. Disease is one that plays a significant role. The important factors that you might be able to control and improve are highlighted here. You should find it of value to consider each and assess them in relation to your own pig farm.

There are other factors, such as government regulations which are completely out of your control and so are omitted from this check list. Likewise, money available to the consumer is a national problem, rather than one at farm level. The important criteria on the farm, however, are the price of feed and the efficiency with which this is converted into liveweight gain and ultimately lean meat. The interaction between people, management, the environment and disease, dictates the efficiency of these conversions.

Factors that affect the economic viability of modern day pig production

  • Application of new technology.
  • Continuing education / training.
  • Control of pollution.
  • Daily liveweight gain.
  • Disease control and treatment.
  • Efficiency of feed conversion to lean meat.
  • Efficiency of pen utilisation.
  • Environmental restrictions.
  • Equipment cost and quality.
  • Genetic potential of the pigs.
  • Its control and treatment.
  • Labour cost.
  • Management and motivation of people.
  • Management decisions.
  • Market outlets.
  • Methods of feeding.
  • Number of pigs sold per year.
  • Nutrition and quality of the feed.
  • Planning.
  • Price of feed.
  • Reproductive performance.
  • Size of the herd.
  • Slaughter price.
  • Stocking densities.
  • The control of pollution.
  • Transport cost.
  • Use of records.
  • Weight and grade of pigs sold at slaughter.
  • Welfare requirements.

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