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Flank Biting

See chapter 9; Vice for further information.

(461) This is a relatively new condition in intensive pig producing systems but also occasionally it is seen in pigs housed in straw yards. It is often associated with ear and tail biting and usually commences as a small dark scab no more than 5-10mm in diameter. (Fig.10-10).

If the scab is removed a wet eczema or dermatitis is evident from which large numbers of Staphylococcus hyicus can be isolated. The condition at this stage is of no consequence until the scab is removed either mechanically or by other pigs that traumatise the area. This rapidly progresses into vice and in extreme cases severe cannibalism. It is important to remove the infected pig into a hospital pen and identify the offending pigs that are responsible for the vice and isolate them too.

This is a developing lesion with cannibalism just commencing.

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