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( 462) A granuloma (Fig.10-11) is a large mass of fibrous tissue that has been produced in response to persistent trauma and irritation to the skin and underlying tissues. Granuloma can also arise due to low grade bacterial infections. A typical example would be the large lumps seen in cases of chronic mastitis. The most common sites are over the lateral aspects of the front legs, particularly the knee, hock and elbow joints and on the hind legs over the lateral aspects of the hock and the posterior parts of the legs and feet. Occasionally the granuloma will burst to the skin surface and ulcerate. Animals showing large granuloma, particularly if they are starting to ulcerate, should be slaughtered. It is also possible to amputate large ones and you are advised to discuss this with your veterinarian.

These are common on the legs. This one is starting to ulcerate.

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