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Mange (Sarcoptic)

See chapter 11 for the main section on mange.

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This is caused by the tiny mite Sarcoptes scabiei which invades the skin and causes dermatitis, proliferation of the surface cells and asbestos like lesions in chronic cases. (Fig.10-18a).

Chronic mange. Note the thick crust in the ears.

These crusts are found within the ear, behind the ears, behind the elbow and on the anterior surface of the hind legs. An allergic skin form of the disease is common when the body is sensitised to the proteins of the mite. This is shown by the appearance of very tiny red pimples throughout the body but particularly over the flanks (Fig.10-18b) that eventually turn black. Intense irritation occurs.

Acute mange. The skin is covered by minute red pimples.

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