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(523) Ticks are found on most species of animals including humans. They are not generally host specific. They are not commonly found on pigs indoors. They differ in species and incidence from region to region so local knowledge is useful. If they do attach to pigs it is invariably to those kept outdoors. They are not usually themselves of any importance but they can spread a number of diseases, including classical swine fever and African swine fever.

The life cycle (Figs.11-21 and 22)

This is similar to the mange mite, from the egg to a larva then a nymph and finally the adult. Both the nymph and adult suck blood. Each part of the life cycle may be on one or a number of different species.

Clinical signs and diagnosis

Ticks are easily seen by the naked eye and they are often engorged with blood.


  • All the medicines used for the treatment of mange are effective.
  • Spray contaminated areas in the environment if practical.
Management control and prevention
  • Keep pigs away from the infected environments where possible.
  • Use the same parasecticides as for mange.

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