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Nutrition and Feeding

(89) Nutrition and feeding provide an important tool for management manipulation in the control of disease. The quality of the feed, its methods of presentation and the amounts of feed provided are part of the disease prevention process.

More detailed discussion is given in chapter 14, but it is relevant at this point to highlight the periods in the production cycle when feed levels and quality of nutrition should be carefully considered and monitored.

The gilt

  • Selection to the onset of puberty
  • Puberty to point of mating.
  • Mating to 21 days post-mating.
  • During the last month of pregnancy.
  • Farrowing to 3 days post-mating.
  • During lactation.

The sow

  • Weaning to service.
  • Service to 2 days.
  • 2 to 21 days post-mating.
  • 7 days before farrowing.
  • During lactation.

The piglet

  • 7 to 21 days of age.
  • During disease outbreaks.

The weaner

  • Weaning to day 14.
  • Dietary change unsuitable for weight and age of the pig.
  • Whenever a housing change is made.
  • During disease outbreaks.

Grower and finisher pigs

  • Any dietary changes.
  • A change from dry to wet feeding.
  • Changes in house temperature.
  • Changes in the feeding system.
  • After pigs are mixed.
  • Environmental changes.
  • When new cereals or corn are introduced.

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