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Pig Journal Volume: 69
Publication date: May 2013

General Section

Future environmental control for pig production – more of the same or radical change?
N.Bird, H.Crabtree

Some things don’t change. The fundamental physics that determine how energy is used and transferred in a system; how air moves, and how temperature is regulated has not changed. The thermal competence of a building is still assessed in the same way – how much insulation, how accurate the ventilation control. Whilst the detailed engineering of systems has moved on with respect to materials choice, improved mechanisation and the impact of the ubiquitous computer; the world’s most popular mechanical ventilation system for pigs – negative pressure, extract ventilation with motorised inlet control – has its origin in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom (UK). The High Speed Jet system was developed at the National Institute of Agricultural Engineering 35 years ago and it remains the basis of all inlet control ventilation systems and the derivatives such as tunnel ventilation that can be found in every advanced market in the world. © Copyright The Pig Veterinary Society 2004


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