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02 May 2012

AHDB UK Market Survey - 27th April 2012AHDB UK Market Survey - 27th April 2012

Finished pig prices increased once again in week ended 21 April, the eighth consecutive rise.


Pig Market Trends



The euro-spec DAPP increased by 1.30p per kg to average 146.35p per kg. Despite throughputs remaining at or above year earlier levels, the DAPP was still nearly five pence higher than a year earlier. The seasonal decline in carcase weights resumed after the Easter holiday with the average weight falling to 78.43kg, with the average probe measurement unchanged at 10.5 mm.

Estimated GB Clean Pig Slaughterings 2012/11

Weaner prices slipped back slightly in week ending 28 April as feed costs remain high, limiting the number of places with finishers. The average price of a 30kg weaner was £45.35, down about 60 pence on the previous week but almost two pounds more than in the same week a year ago.

EU Pig Reference Prices 2011/12


In February 2012, UK imports of fresh and frozen pork totalled 22,900 tonnes, 19 per cent down on the year and at their lowest level for over nine years. The fall would have been even sharper but for increases of over 30 per cent in shipments from both Germany and Spain. Denmark remained the largest supplier, despite a fall of nine per cent. Big losers included the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and France, all of which shipped more than a third less pork than a year earlier. The reduced volumes came despite unit prices being only two per cent higher than a year earlier at £1.85 per kg.

The recent trend towards boneless cuts continued, with shipments up by three per cent year on year. In contrast, imports of bone-in cuts were 29 per cent lower than a year earlier. Loins were particularly affected, with fresh/chilled loin imports little more than a fifth of their level a year earlier.

Bacon imports recovered slightly from January’s low point during February but were still seven per cent lower than a year earlier. The fall in imports of pork and bacon was partly offset by rising imports of processed pig meat products. Processed imports were 43 per cent higher than a year earlier, driven by major growth in shipments from Ireland, which nearly quadrupled, and from Denmark, which almost trebled.

Pig Meat Trade Jan-Feb

Exports of fresh and frozen pork in February were six per cent above year earlier levels at 12,000 tonnes, which continued the upward trend of recent years. The growth was driven by an increase of over 50 per cent in shipments to Hong Kong, which was again the largest market during the month. There was also strong growth in many smaller markets but Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands all took less British pork. Bacon exports were also higher, up 11 per cent year on year, despite lower shipments to Ireland, the primary market. However, after a sharp rise in January, offal exports were only three per cent higher than in February 2011 with a sharp fall in shipments to Hong Kong offset by growth elsewhere.

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