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AHDB Pig Market Weekly

01 June 2012

AHDB UK Market Survey - 1 June 2012AHDB UK Market Survey - 1 June 2012

Deadweight pig prices rose again during week ended 26 May, the 13th consecutive week of rising prices.


Pig market trends


Deadweight pig prices rose again during week ended 26 May, the 13th consecutive week of rising prices. The EU-spec DAPP increased by 0.21p to average 149.23p per kg. This represents the first time the DAPP has been below year earlier levels since April 2011. The improvement in weather is likely to lead to increased demand, particularly with the forthcoming Jubilee weekend, but this hasn't fully fed through into prices yet. High throughputs continue to dampen prices, with clean pig slaughterings over the last month estimated to be seven per cent higher than year earlier levels. The average carcase weight was marginally down on the previous week at 78.44kg but this is more than half a kilo higher than last year, further adding to increased supplies.

Due to the double bank holiday next week to celebrate the Jubilee (week commencing 4 June) no Deadweight Average Pig Price (DAPP) will be published.

The average 30kg weaner price eased back by a few more pennies to £44.07 per head for week ending 2 June as feed costs remained high, with only a limited reduction expected post-harvest.

UK holdings numbers

According to Defra’s Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2011, the number of commercial holdings keeping pigs in June 2011 was little changed from the previous year. There was a total of 10,900 holdings with pigs, around 200 more than in June 2010. Of these, 6,000 had breeding pigs, unchanged from a year earlier, and 9,000 had fattening pigs, up by 200.

These overall figures include many holdings with small numbers of pigs alongside other farming activities. Nearly half of all pig holdings had fewer than ten pigs in total. The number of farms with 300 or more pigs was unchanged at 2,300, just over half of which had over 1,000 pigs. These largest holdings accounted for over 80 per cent of all pigs. A further 3,400 holdings had between 10 and 300 pigs. Excluding those holdings with fewer than ten pigs, the average herd size was 771, slightly lower than the previous year.

More than half of holdings with breeding pigs had fewer than five. There were only around 900 holdings with 100 or more breeding pigs but between them they had 379,000 head, 88 per cent of the UK breeding herd. Excluding the holdings with fewer than five breeding pigs, the average number on each farm was 153, marginally higher than in June 2010.

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