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AHDB Pig Market Weekly

17 October 2016

AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 17 October 2016AHDB Pig Market Weekly - 17 October 2016


How big is your premium?

Comparing UK and EU pig prices Early results from new analysis by AHDB indicate that when comparing EU pig prices with those for standard GB pigs, the UK reference price should be reduced by an estimated 5-6p/kg to provide a more valid like-for-like comparison. This is based on adjustments to allow for factors such as deductions (e.g. for transport, inspection or classification) and retrospective bonuses. It also allows for the fact that the UK reference price includes pigs from Northern Ireland and premium pigs, mainly outdoor-bred. This estimate will be refined further once further analysis has been completed.

Since June, AHDB has been reporting that UK pig prices have fallen behind the EU average price. This represents a significant change from last year when UK prices averaged almost 30p/kg higher than EU levels. Based on the new analysis, however, last year’s premium was actually lower, at around 23p. It would also mean that for 2016 to date, GB and EU prices were roughly on a par, on average, and since June, EU prices have been even further ahead of GB ones than indicated by the reference prices. 

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