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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Herd security for a high health farm

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Herd security for a high health farm

Herd security for a high health farm
Basic Design
1 The unit must be surrounded by a complete fence
2 The fence should be 2.4m (8ft) high and 500mm (1.5ft) buried underground to stop pigs and other mammals entering and leaving the unit.
3 A car park should be sited away from the unit and appropriately marked.
4 All entrances through the fence must be locked.
5 All personal items including personal clothing, watches, cigarette lighters etc. must remain outside of the unit itself.
6 All staff and visitors must wear unit clothing.
7 Spectacles, cameras and other visitor equipment must be inspected by a member of staff before being allowed onto the unit. Spectacles should be washed.
8 All meters (electrical, gas and water) must be situated outside the unit fence and placed in a locked area.
9 The farm manager's office should be situated near the entrance.
10 A Klaxon switch should be placed by the car park to attract staff attention to visitors.
11 None of the staff should own or come into contact with other pigs.
12 No staff should visit animal markets, pig shows or slaughterhouses.
13 No unauthorised pigs, pig products or pig faecal material must be allowed onto the farm.
14 Unit rules regarding last pig contact must be strictly adhered too, including signing the visitor's book.
15 All entry and exit points should be well lit, ideally with proximity sensors.
16 On many high health units all visitors must shower.
The Following Entrances/Exits are Permitted
1 Entrance via a locked door into staff shower facility.
2 Entrance via a locked door into a visitor shower facility.
3 Connector to the feed bins which pass through the fence.
4 Exit via a raised ramp for livestock.
5 Exit for dead animal disposal through a locked gate.
6 The straw barn has an entrance from off-farm and an entrance on-farm. Both should be kept locked. Staff are not allowed to leave the farm through the straw barn.
7 Slurry disposal through underground pipe to slurry store off-farm.

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