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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Loading Ramp Rules

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Loading Ramp Rules

Loading Ramp Rules
1 Trucks must have no pigs on board, must be clean, washed and disinfected. ?
2 The off-farm disinfectant/washing area (see above) must be prepared prior to each loading by the unit staff, (wearing off-unit clothing) and then they must re-enter the farm. ?
3 The truck driver must inform a member of staff using the klaxon upon arrival.
4 The truck drivers must wash their hands and wear the over-boots provided and dip the boots in the disinfectant provided. ?
5 The truck driver's name and vehicle number should be logged in the animal movement book.
6 Farm staff must not cross the security fence line or the loading ramp. Provide a foot dip on the farm side.
7 The loading ramp area must be thoroughly cleaned after loading each batch of pigs.
8 The truck driver must not enter the unit, under the security fencing onto the on-farm ramp, to assist the loading.
9 All entry and exit points should be well lit, ideally with proximity sensors.
?10 The sorting area and on-farm loading area must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected once the pigs have arrived or left.

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