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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Disease Threats to a Pig Unit

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Disease Threats to a Pig Unit

These are generally in order of importance, but this can change depending on many circumstances
  • Any sick pig on your farm. Ensure good management of the hospital pen.
  • Other pigs.
  • Pork products (ham, salami, sausage, pizza).
  • Knackerman (placement of dead pig disposal area).
  • Transportation systems.
  • Locality of neighbouring pig units.
  • Presence of a major road.
  • Purchased second-hand equipment.
  • Clothing from another unit.
  • Birds, rodents, cats, dogs, flies.
  • Semen and embryo transfer.
  • Feed and water.
  • Bedding and straw (note source of manure for straw).
  • Staff owning their own pigs.
  • Staff visiting other pig units, pig markets, shows and slaughterhouses.
  • Veterinarians and other advisors.
  • Visitors (note electricity and gas service people).
  • New utensils.

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