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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Feeding Space Allowance

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Feeding Space Allowance

  • Check feeders to ensure no wastage of food

  • Check below slats for waste feed

  • Note feed accounts for about 70% of total costs
Feeding Space Allowance
Weight of Pig
Trough/Hopper Length/Pig
Restrict feed (mm) Ad Lib Fed (mm)
5 100 75
10 130 33
15 150 38
35 200 50
60 240 60
90 280 70
120 300 75

With 300 mm (12") single-space feeders allow 15 finishing pigs per hopper
40 finished pigs to a Lean Machine?
With trough fed pigs allow sufficient feeding space for all pigs to feed simultaneously
i.e. 1.1 x shoulder width x number of pigs

RSPCA Recommendations
6 pigs per feed space when using a dry feeder with no full head barriers between each feeding place
10 pigs per feed place where there are full head barriers
14 pigs per feed space where there is the opportunity to mix water with the feed (wet and dry feeders)

Shoulder Width Sizes
Shoulder width
Feeder Space (mm)
1.1 x Shoulder
10 130 140
30 190 210
50 230 260
70 270 290
90 290 320
110 320 350

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