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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Water Use and Slurry

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Water Use and Slurry

Example of the water balance of a 60 kg liveweight pig fed a compound diet and gaining 700g/day in a thermoneutral environment. (Gill 1989)

Water Used / Lost ml Water Consumed / Formed ml
Growth1 480 Food Water5 380
Respiration2 580 Food Oxidation6 450
Skin3 420    
Faeces4 970    
Urine8 290-1710 Water consumed7 1910-3330
Total 2740-4160 Total 2740-4160

  1. Growth (700g/day) assumed to be 50% water, estimated from sequential slaughter data.
  2. Respiration loss assumed to be 0.58 l/day.
  3. Insensible moisture loss from skin assumes 13.4 g/m2 per hour at thermoneutral temperature and 70% RH. Surface area = 0.1 W0.63.
  4. Ad libitum fed pig of 60 kg liveweight assumed to eat 2.72 kg food (1.85 kg DM). DM digestibility assumed to be 82% and faecal DM 30%.
  5. Compound diet assumed to be 14% moisture.
  6. Metabolic water produced is 7.43 ml/kg W per day.
  7. Water intake derived by difference.
  8. Assuming that urine is 95% water, a pig is expected to have a renal water loss of between 4.75 and 28.5 ml/kg W per day.
Slurry Production
Estimation of the effluent storage capacity required for a 200 sow unit with followers to bacon weight assuming at any one time a total pig population of 2000 of mixed ages. Storage required for four months. (Barber 1992)

68 lactating sow at 12 litres per day 0.816 m3
132 dry sows at 8 litres per day 1.056 m3
1800 followers at 4 litres per day 7.2 m3
Washing/waste 2000 pigs at 0.5 litres per day 1.0 m3
Total slurry production per day 10.072 m3
In four months (122 days) 1229 m3

1 sow and litter to weaning will excrete 12 litres per day
1 dry sow excretes 8 litres per day
1 pig from weaning to bacon weight (95 kg) fed dry meal excretes 4 litres per day
Water from drinkers and cleaning pens 0.5 litres per day

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