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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Ventilation Maintenance Routines

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Ventilation Maintenance Routines

Ventilation Maintenance Routines
Daily Check
1 Observation of pigs - too hot, too cold, variable around house.
2 Room smells - Gases.
3 Room too dusty.
4 Condensation.
5 Air feels too damp and heavy (over 75% RH) or too dry (below 50%).
6 Evidence of inadequate spray cooling.
7 Repair leaking water supplies and dripping drinkers.
8 Repair any other leaks, i.e. guttering.
9 Draughts or hot spots evident.
10 Creep lights - too bright, different types - pig lying patterns.
Weekly Check
1 Clean fan blades and shutters.
2 Check alarm systems and fail safes.
3 Clean heater cooling fins and filters.
4 Check gas jets and safety shut-off valves.
5 Check plastic baffles where appropriate.
6 Check feed coverings.
7 Check alarms, even daily for the Malton Code.
8 Check thermostats actually measure pig conditions.
9 Check rodent control.
Quarterly Check
1 Ensure fans operate as expected (with a strobe).
2 Ensure shutters open and close freely
  • Apply a drop of graphite (not oil or grease) to hinges.
  • If nylon lubrication is not necessary.
  • Always follow manufacturer's instructions.
3 Clean fan motors and controls.
4 Check insulation panels including creep areas.
5 Check re-circulation air ducts for dust accumulation.
6 Check curtains for rodents in the bottom of the curtain.
7 Check that records are being used to maintain required air quality.
Yearly Check (do all the previous checks at the same time)
1 Clean and repaint chipped areas on fans or shutters to prevent further corrosion.
2 Check air inlets for debris.
3 Check fuel bills for deterioration in air quality.
4 Check Yorkshire boarding effective (gap the same width as the wood is solid). Ensure the separations are even.
5 In winter time, note which roof melts the snow first - indication of adequate insulation.

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