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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Farrowing Crate Sizes, Slat Sizes and Steps

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Farrowing Crate Sizes

As recommended by the RSPCA and Malton

Farrowing Crate Sizes
Sow Weight (Kg) Length (mm)
150 1552
200 1706
250 1951
300+ 2300

Any cross-bar at the top of a crate must be a minimum of 150 mm above the back of the sow when standing in the normal posture

The escape area around a farrowing crate should be 300 mm wide (12 in)

Heat mat minimum 0.6 m2 (4ft x 1.5ft)

Farrowing arc should have a floor area of 4.5 m2

Slat Sizes

For slatted floors, wire mesh, metal or plastic slats are preferred in farrowing and prenursery accomodation.

Slat Sizes
  Void Width Concrete Slat Width
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches)
Sow and Litter 10 3/8 100 4
Pre-Nursery 10 3/8   Not Recommended
Nursery 25 1 100 4
Growing - Finishing 25 1 150-200 6-8
Gestating Sows or Boars:
Pens 25 1 150-200 6-8
Stalls 25 1 100 4

Slat edges should be rounded not sharp or chipped


Where a step cannot be avoided the height should be as small as possible

As a guide:
100 mm (4 in) breeding stock or finishing pigs
50 mm (2 in) for weaners

The edge of the step should be rounded

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