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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Analysis of Return to Service Data

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Analysis of Return to Service Data

Major Reasons for Reductions in Farrowing Rate
Reason Farm Actual % Target %
Regular returns 18-24 days post-service     8
Irregular return any other time post-service     2
Total Returns     10
Not In Pigs (>80 days post-service)     0 - 0.5
Abortion     0.5 - 1
Culls (pregnant)     1
Deaths (pregnant)     1
Farrowing rate     87%

Analysis of Days between Service and Return
Days Reasons For Return
0 - 17 Nymphomaniac, Not in season initially.
18 - 24 Oestrus.
25 - 35 Embryonic death, Not in season initially.
36 - 48 Missed oestrus.
49 - 80 Pseudo pregnancy, Abortion, Combination of above.
80+ Combinations of above.

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