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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Budget Farming Idealised

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Budget Farming Idealised

Total finishing space available for 30 to 95 kg is 672.1 sq. metres.
Animals moved into finishing pens at 30 kg and not moved thereafter. Partially slatted pens.

Batch Time Unit
Weaning occurs every Thursday, batch unit one week

Growth Curve from 30 to 95 kg
  • Pigs are 10 weeks old at 30 kg
  • Pigs at 95 kg start being sold at 20 weeks
  • Farm has a 2 week emptying period
  • Therefore in finishing house 11 weeks.
Weekly Grow/Finishing Space
Weekly space available is 672.1 divided by 11 equals 61.1 sq. metres per week
Each 95 kg pig requires 0.65 sq. metre total area
Therefore 61.1 divided by 0.65 equals 94 pigs per week

Farm Costs Pigs sold at 70 kg dead, therefore 94 multiplied by 70 equals 6580 kg per week sold 6580 kg sold per week, with a cost of 98p per kg (for this farm) equals ? 6448.40 per week

Post-weaning Mortality
The farm has a 6% post-weaning mortality, therefore 94 plus 6 equals 100 pigs weaned per week.

Weaning Space Requirements
Pigs weaned at 24 days; 6.5 kg in weight, 30 kg at 10 weeks, therefore 6 weeks of weaner accommodation required.

Half of the post-weaning mortality occurs in the weaner space i.e. 3%
Therefore 97 pigs move into the grow/finish space
A 30 kg pig requires 0.30 sq. metres
Therefore, 97 multiplied by 0.3 equals 29.1 sq. metres = the weekly weaner space.
6 rooms multiplied by 29.1 equals 174.6 sq. metres = the total weaner space required.

Farrowing Crate Requirements 10 piglets are weaned per farrowing crate per week
100 pigs weaned therefore 10 crates per week required
24 day weaning, is a 5 week turnaround, therefore 50 crates, in 5 rooms of 10 to allow for all-in all-out

Number of sows to serve per week, 10 per week to farrow

Sows To Serve Farrowing Rate Farrow per week
10 100 10
11 91 10
12 83 10
13 77 10

The aim is to create batches of animals moving all-in/all-out through a farming system running 36 days a year, therefore on a one week weaning system, 52 batches per year.

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