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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Tail Biting and Other Vices - Discomfort Syndromes

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Tail Biting and Other Vices

A Check List of Possible Causes

Discomfort Syndromes
  Area Of Concern Comment
1 Check stocking density  
2 Check tail length, in particular variability  
3 Check feed particle size (target > 500 ?m) which can lead to gastric ulcers and stress  
4 Ensure feed mycotoxins are kept to a minimum  
5 Check salt (NaCl) concentration in feed. If a problem increase to 0.9%. Check water supplies  
6 Check for evidence of a draught at pig heights (draught air speed > 50 feet/ min or 0.2 m/sec)  
7 Check air quality
(target - NH3 < 20 ppm, H2S < 10 ppm and CO2 < 3000 ppm)
8 Check humidity (target between 50 and 60%)  
9 Check light intensity and hours on and off.  
10 Check water supplies  
11 Check feeder space availability  
12 Check 24 hour temperature fluctuations  

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