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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Pre-weaning Scour

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Pre-weaning Scour

A Check List of Possible Causes

Pre-weaning Scour
  Area of Concern Comments
1 Time of scour:
  • 1 day
  • 3-7 days
  • >10 days
    2 Type of scour:
  • Blood
  • Water
  • Yellow/pasty
  • Mucoid
    3 Almost any air movement is undesirable but certainly > 50 feet/min or 0.2 m/sec is a draught.  
    4 Chilling of the piglets, check lying patterns and creep temperatures.  
    5 Variable temperatures in the creep.  
    6 Damp floors particularly in the creep area.  
    7 Poor colostrum intake - number of sows with udder oedema.  
    8 No milk in the sows, check udder line.  
    9 Degree of cross-fostering.  
    10 Piglet processing has not been clean.
    Check cross-contamination between healthy and sick piglets
    11 Transfer of infection - are there separate cleaning materials for each room and foot baths. Check personal hygiene.  
    12 Poor cleaning between batches.  
    13 Number of sows farrowing each week, application of all-in all out policies.  
    14 Vaccine storage and use protocols.  

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