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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Gilt and Boar Introduction

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Gilt and Boar Introduction

The isolation quarters are run on a strict all-in/all-out basis.

Gilt and Boar Introduction
On arrival at 80+ Kg
First Two Weeks
1 Ensure animals are separate from native pigs for two weeks.
2 Ideally separate by 50 meters.
3 Attempt to acclimatise the animals to the new environment. Initially attempt to simulate the original environment. Make changes gradually.
4 Pay particular attention to:
  • The cooling systems and water supply .
  • If possible have bagged feed from original farm or make attempts to match original feed. Ideally feed a lactation or grower diet.
  • If pigs come from a straw based system, utilise straw or solid flooring before introducing to slatted systems.
5 The animals may require antimicrobial or additional vaccine therapy following introduction, please discuss with your vet.
6 It is essential to have separate needles, syringes and medicines for each batch of gilts.
2 to 4 Weeks Post Introduction
1 Introduce cull adult or grow/finish stock to the new arrivals.
2 With very "clean" breeding stock, it may be necessary to introduce adults first for two weeks, then remove these and replace with growers.
3 Change over the environment to match local conditions.
4 It may be necessary to medicate the pigs depending on how they respond to the new diseases.
4 to 8 Weeks Post Introduction
1 Remove grow/finish animals to allow the new pigs time to recover from any illness.
2 Consider exposing gilts to a boar for 20 minutes a day to start stimulation.
Introduce into the herd
Place onto Lactator feed ad-lib for 2 weeks prior to first service to flush the gilt.
Thoroughly clean and disinfect isolation quarters
Record all signs of illness over the 8 week period


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