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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy Diagnosis 1-115 Days In the presence of the boar to stimulate oestrus. Twice daily
18-24 Days In the presence of the boar checking for regular oestrus return
> 20 Days Real time scanner
25-34 days In the presence of the boar to check for late returns
28 day With the D?ppler machine for uterine pulse
35 day With the D?ppler machine for uterine pulse
8 weeks By eye, looking for dropped abdomenAny questionable sow, recheck with D?ppler for uterine pulse and foetal pulse
False Positives False uterine pulse when the sow is coming or in season. This is why you need two positives (28 and 35 days) to be confident that the sow is pregnant
Always check that the D?ppler machine is well serviced and has a well charged battery
Regularly re-listen to the teaching tape
Use plenty of gel between the head and the sow's body wall
Interpretation A sow which records one negative must be rechecked the following day
A sow with two negatives must go back to the boar and be rechecked
A sow wrongly believed to be in pig post 35 days costs you around ?3 a day
Results Interpretation
  28 days 35 days Significance
Results +ve +ve Pregnant
Results -ve +ve Coming into second oestrus return
Results +ve -ve Embryonic death possibly
Results -ve -ve Not pregnant

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