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Garth Pig Stockmanship Standards

Medicine Control and Storage

Section: Stockmanship Standards

Medicine Control and Storage

Medicine Control and Storage
1 The farm veterinarian by law must prescribe all treatment medicines.
2 All medicine usage must be recorded in the medicine usage book. Records of medicine use must be completed within 72 hours of administration. Observe all withdrawal times before slaughter.
3 All medicine data sheets should be easily available for consultation and emergency use, e.g. accidental self injection.
4 The veterinary surgeon is required to check and advise on medicine usage, documentation and storage regularly.
5 Record storage temperature weekly using a Max./Min thermometer.
6 Check your medicine store regularly for amounts and expiry dates.
7 Do not hold more than one months supply on the farm at any time.
8 Make sure all medicines are locked away, out of the reach of children and secure at all times.
Store in a Refrigerator (2 - 8°C)
1 All vaccines
2 Hormones e.g. oxytocin
3 Iron
4 Part-used bottle tops should be cleaned with surgical spirit before returning to fridge. Note some medicines must not be stored after use, consult the data sheet for information. NOTE: Some vaccines may be deactivated by surgical spirits.
5 Practice good hygiene and cleanliness in the fridge.
6 No food or drink is to be stored in the fridge.
Store in a Dark Cupboard (8 - 25°C)
1 Antibiotics
2 Sedatives
3 Stimulants
4 Vitamins and minerals
5 Disinfectants
6 Part-used bottle tops should be cleaned with surgical spirit before returned to the cupboard.
7 Cupboards to be clean and either locked or the room locked.
8 Do not leave medicines in your farrowing or other houses.
1 Store separately in a locked container
2 Must not be handled by women of child bearing age or by asthmatics
3 Return all used bottles to the veterinarian

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