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Producer Survey Information Assists in Establishing Swine Traceability

25 April 2014
Manitoba Pork Council

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CANADA - Manitoba Pork reports information gathered through a 2012 producer survey is playing a key role in developing the infrastructure needed to accommodate swine traceability, writes Bruce Cochrane.

A survey of Manitoba's pork producers launched by Manitoba Pork in 2012 was designed to collect information for use when representing producers to government, to update producer contact information and to gather information to be used by the provincial agriculture department in assigning premise identification numbers to premises with pigs on them.

Arnie Thorlacius, the industry services coordinator with Manitoba Pork, reports producer participation in the survey was excellent.

Arnie Thorlacius-Manitoba Pork

We received over 90 percent of producers that have an active CQA having filled out a registration.

We also received registrations from producers that are not necessarily active on CQA or also from people that were not necessarily still in the industry or were planning on exiting so we actually have a larger number of responses than we have active premises at this point but, in terms of CQA registered premises, we're just over 90 percent.

All of the producers that have filled out a registration with us should have a premises ID number now.

We've sent the information on to the province and they've generated premises ID numbers from that.

The premises ID number are important because they serve an important role in the new traceability programme which will be going active in July this year.

Producers that haven't received a premises ID number will most likely be needing to contact us within the next few months so they can have one in place before the new regulation comes into effect.

Under the new regulation due to take effect 1 July to accommodate swine traceability both shippers and receivers of pigs will be required to report those movements within seven days.

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