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DeviGainPG Awarded Best New Product at Pig Industry Event

19 May 2014

UK - Devenish Nutrition has been awarded the prize of Best New Pig Product at the British Pig and Poultry Fair for its revolutionary product, DeviGainPG.

DeviGainPG is a unique concentrated protein which supplies amino acids in a targeted form which the pig can utilise more effectively. It has been developed using the proprietary technology behind the DevAmine Range.

By adding DeviGainPG to the diet, the protein in the diet is optimised therefore crude protein level can be substantially reduced. Ongoing trials at research institutes and on-farm support the strategy that crude protein can be dropped by three percentage points with the inclusion of ten kg/ tonne of DeviGainPG. This not only offers substantial financial improvements but also reduces nitrogen outputs.

The award, sponsored by Pig World and BPEX was given following a short-listing of entries and further discussions with each company.

Speaking after being presented with the award, Devenish Nutrition’s Pig Sector Director, Aidan O’Toole, commented: “The DeviGainPG project is a combination of a number of years applied research which is contributing significantly to pig unit efficiencies. Bringing innovative solutions to the market is a core principle at Devenish, and receiving this award shows we are achieving this. Thank you to the sponsors and congratulations to all the other companies shortlisted.”

For more information on DeviGainPG, please visit

Devenish Nutrition Best Pig Product feed
Devenish Nutrition received an award for Best New Pig Product

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