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Higher Test Weights: Hypor Delivers Feed-Efficient Finishers

17 December 2014

THE NETHERLANDS - The global pork industry is moving towards higher slaughter weights, led by the United States.

US finishing pig weights have trended upward for the past 60 years.

Data indicates that the average slaughter weight in 1954 was just 172lbs (78kg). In 2013, it was approximately 275lbs (125kg) and it is anticipated to reach around 283lbs (128kg) for 2014.

Higher slaughter weights translate into lower relative costs of animal protein for the human diet. This upward trend is clearly visible across all livestock species. It will help agriculture feed the growing global population.

To achieve higher weights efficiently and sustainably, swine genetic companies must adjust their breeding programmes accordingly.

Hypor has closely followed the trend of increasing slaughter weights during the last 10 years and has continuously adjusted its sire and dam lines to higher test weights to fulfill the demand for feed-efficient finishers.


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