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Canada Hog Market

19 February 2015

CANADA - The OMAFRA Swine Team has just put out an excellent summary of 2014 by month. Truly the “Year of the Pig Farmer” and one for the record books. If this were your report card this would rocket you to the top of the class, writes Bob Fraser, Sales & Service.

Take a look –

A $60 margin for the year! Something that could barely be dreamed of ever happening for a week, a day even, let alone a year. A tremendous boon to aiding the industry in refilling some very significant “equity holes” and getting healed up.

However as one producer recently suggested to me “it’s like we were on holiday to Disney World and now we’re back home and back to reality.” Reality indeed! Bob Hunsberger, Wallenstein Feed & Supply weekly Hog Economics puts Producer Profit Per Pig - Ave Production at ($1.44) for the first time in a long time. However Producer Profit Per Pig - Excellent Production is $11.39. Highlighting what has been long understood in this industry that being average isn’t much fun.

The road to excellent production and sustainable profits lies with the pillars of top genetics; sound nutrition and management, relentless focus on health & biosecurity coupled with astute financial and risk management. Pursue that route and seek out people that can help you on the way.

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