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SowMAX Eliminates Guesswork of Sow Feeding

07 July 2015

Hog Slat

ANALYSIS - Feeding lactating sows is a tough job - feed her too much, and the feed can spoil and must be discarded. Feed her too little, and she will not get all the nutrients she needs to produce milk and maintain proper body condition.

Fritz Richards, Sales Director with Hog Slat, explains the benefits of SowMAX, the ad lib sow feeder.

"SowMAX enables the sow to receive feed 24/7. The feed is fresh, and thus her intake is higher which increases her milk productivity and which also incurs larger litter weights and better sow conditioning," Richards said. "So the sow is in better condition when she leaves the farrowing house which enables her re-breed rate to be much better."

Training farrowing house personnel to do the job correctly may be one of the biggest challenges a unit manager faces.

"It's easier for [farm] labor to feed the sows correctly - especially on weekends and holidays when they are short-staffed. It's much quicker and easier to make sure that sow is fed correctly 7 days a week," he said. 

The SowMAX Handbook: Feeding the Lactating Sow with SowMax offers an illustrated manual that helps you train your staff and makes feeding your lactating sows easy.

Click here to download your free copy

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